Adventures in breeding 2017

Adventures in breeding 2017

Last year, I decided I’d start the breeding process earlier in 2017. In 2016, I bred Gina in June; by time vet determined she’d reabsorbed the embryo, it was September, and I didn’t want to rebreed then. (No one wants to be born in the awful heat of August!)

This year, I had a uterine culture on Gina done right before I left for Rolex. Last year, my vet Dr. H had advised leaving the Caslick in over the winter, which I did. Unfortunately, the uterine culture came back positive, and after I returned from Rolex, I dropped Gina off for uterine treatments.

After the uterine treatments, I opted to keep Gina at the vet until Dr. H could AI her. I got a text on Friday that Gina would be ready to breed on Saturday, and on Monday, Dr. H let me know that Gina could go home. I picked her up and briefly talked to my vet. She advised me that the AI went smoothly and Gina ovulated right on schedule. I’ll take Gina back in a couple of weeks for the first pregnancy check- cross all your crossables that everything goes well!

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