Bébé at the barn

Bébé at the barn

I finally had a chance to visit the barn’s new baby horse over the weekend. He’s so cute I can’t even stand it.

Bébé doesn’t have a name yet; he’s just referred to as “the baby”.  He was born just over a week ago but totally has this horsing thing figured out. He walks, trots, plays, mouths at grass, and ignores his legions of visitors. Mama Gia is quiet and tolerant of both her baby’s antics and the ogling people.


Attacking mama.
Definitely a grown up horse who can eat grass.
Studiously ignoring me.

Bébé is half Arabian and half Oldenburg. Gia is an imported Oldenburg- I don’t know a thing about her bloodlines, but she’s a tank of a mare! She’s not monstrously tall (maybe 16.2 or 16.3 hands), but she’s stout with good bone, good hooves, and a huge engine. She’s an easygoing creature with lots of experience as a broodmare.


Bébé’s sire is this handsome Arabian, who was gelded shortly after getting Gia in foal. He’s a sweet tempered horse with delicate features. He’s about 15 hands tall and a very fancy mover.


I can’t wait to see how this colt turns out- I really think he’ll be a nice horse! The Arabian influence should lighten up Gia’s heavy frame and hopefully he’ll be a good moving, pleasant-tempered horse. For now though, his only job is to nap in the sun and look as cute as possible.


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