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When I saw this blog hop from Eventing Saddlebred Style over at Confessions of a Dressage Barbie, I thought, “Well, that’s neat, but who wants to read about my boring two-horse Sundowner and my 13 year old truck?” It’s a good setup for me, but it’s not very exciting. However, my friend who lives next door has an extremely exciting horse trailer. I asked her if I could write about it, and she was happy to let me share her trailer with equestrian internet.

My neighbor’s awesome rig!


This, my friends, is Space Trailer™!

Space Trailer is a 1996 seven horse Heartland custom aluminum gooseneck trailer. Heartland is a small Canadian manufacturer that does some interesting stuff with trailers: they use marine grade aluminium, feature all-welded construction without steel or rivets, unique floor configurations, and lots of extra features.

Front tack room
Rear storage area.


Interior access to the cubbies.

This trailer has a very large tack room in the front in addition to a tack/feed/whatever space on the rear left side. The rear space has a removable wall in case you’re transporting a horse that needs lots of extra room. It has further storage space in the form of little cubbies accessed from both the outside or inside of the trailer (you can see their doors underneath the windows in the photos). These cubbies are nestled under the interior hay mangers. It’s a well ventilated trailer with drop down windows on one side and sliding windows on the opposite side. The trailer’s light color helps keep it cool, too.

Ramp into first stall.

The inside of the trailer has some neat features. The very first stall in the trailer has a full wall that can be taken down if necessary; it also has a side ramp, making it perfect for horses who aren’t keen on backing out the length of a seven horse trailer. The other six stalls have lightweight partitions that all have removable heavy-duty rubber walls that attach to the bottom the metal part of the partitions. There are no pins or springs to wrestle with between the dividers- there’s a simple latch that’s easily fixed in place on each one. Each stall has its own permanent hay manger that sits at chest height, eliminating the need for hay bags.

Interior view.

Space Trailer’s coolest feature by far is its aerodynamic shape. It’s futuristic and retro all at the same time and evokes images of both Airstream travel trailers and space shuttles (hence its nickname). My friend claims it hauls wonderfully, even when it’s got a full load of horses. The eye-catching design means she gets a lot of stares and questions when she pulls up to shows, but most people seem intrigued and impressed by the design.

While I’m totally happy with my plain-jane trailer and aging truck, a little part of me wants my very own Space Trailer (but in a more reasonable size)!



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10 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Truck and trailer set up”

  1. This is legitimately the coolest trailer I have EVER seen and that might even include Kurt Russell’s open bar trailer from The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit.

  2. This is really interesting, but not going to lie I was a little disappointed not to hear about your two horse.

  3. That thing is pretty cool! I’m not a slant load fan personally, but I like that this has a ramp. It does alleviate some of my slant fears knowing there’s more access than just the back door.
    I think the view from behind is pretty cool too!

  4. Hey cool write up! love it! if you are ever curious what an investment amount would be for your own dream design of Heartland Trailer, just let me know. Best!


  5. Wow! This is the first time I’ve seen such a horse trailer… But I definitely like it =) I wouldn’t mind buying a trailer like this myself to catch surprised glances!

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