Day 382

Gina is still pregnant; today is day 382 of gestation. I receive at least one text a day from friends or family members who want to know if she’s foaled and how she’s doing. My vet was out about a week and a half ago to see a couple of horses at my neighbor’s place. […]

It’s been a minute!

Salutations, internet land, and apologies for the long absence! I’ve been really busy for the last month, but things have settled down and returned to normal. So, what have I been up to? In mid-April (on Gina’s 340 day gestation date, no less), I briefly went to Tennessee and took my mother to a minor […]

Foal contest: make your bets!

Gina has officially passed the 320-day mark of gestation, which is generally considered the point at which a foal can survive outside the uterus. Good job, Gina! Now that baby horse can be expected to arrive sooner rather than later, I thought I’d let y’all give me your best guesses on when it will arrive, […]