Gag me

A few weeks ago, I bought a couple of bits from Hillary over at Equestrian at Hart. I bought them mostly out of curiosity- Gina has gone basically the same in every snaffle I’ve ever stuck in her mouth and isn’t so strong over fences or in the field that I truly need more stopping […]

Every day tack setup

It’s fun to try new stuff and experiment with the latest goodies, but I’m curious to know what your every day tack setup is like. For me, it’s nearly identical for my two horses. My jumping/hacking equipment includes: Ainsley Pro National XC saddle: this is a super-forward flap saddle that I love, love, love. The […]

Bit musings

Last week, I listened in on a bit lecture given by my boss. While there weren’t any major revelations, there were a couple of things that made me give some additional thought to the bit I have in Gina’s mouth. Gina goes in a loose ring three-piece snaffle. It isn’t a true French link; the link […]