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I think every equestrian struggles with finding riding apparel that fits well and is flattering. I’m tall person with short arms, a large bust, a long waist, and stubby legs. I used to feel like it was nearly impossible to find clothing that looks and feels good, but I’ve discovered through work that nothing is impossible when it comes to equestrian clothing.


For The Slender Rider

If you’re a very slim person in need of breeches, you’ll find what you’re looking for at most major brands. Ariat, Horze, Tailored Sportsman, USG, Montar, and Pikeur all start at US size 22. Several brands start at US 24, including RJ ClassicsELTKentuckyOvation, Kerrits, Irideon, Equine Couture, TuffRider, and Romfh. European brands can tend to run a little big once you’ve converted sizes; this is especially true of Horze breeches.

Protip: Need to convert breeches from European sizes to US sizes, but can’t find the chart? Just subtract 12 from the European size to get the US size.

If you’re looking for show coats, you can find coats starting at size 2 from Tailored Sportsman, FITS, Asmar Equestrian, Grand Prix, and RJ Classics. Kerrits, Ovation, and Romfh start at size 4, while Ariat starts at size 8.

Tall boots can be had in slim calf from most manufacturers: Ariat, DeNiro, Tredstep, Mountain Horse, Cavallo, Petrie, and Konig all offer slim calf boots.

For The Short Rider
Short people, RJ Classics should be your go-to for show coats and breeches! They make a ridiculous number of products in a short length. Almost every one of their coats is available in short, as are their new breeches. Ovation and Romfh offer a short length on most of their size 24, 26, and 28 breeches. Tailored Sportsman makes a short length, though it can be difficult to find.

While Pikeur coats aren’t available in short sizes, per se, many of their coats do run a little short. Grand Prix coats seem to fit shorter riders well, and Tailored Sportsman has several styles available in a short length.

Tall boots for short people can be problematic (and painful). Ariat, Mountain Horse, TuffRider, Ovation, and Tredstep offer short heights, but they’re usually only available in certain styles, foot sizes, and calf sizes. Heel lifts can help a slightly-too-tall boot fit more comfortably.

For The Plus Size Rider
Don’t despair if you aren’t wearing an easy-to-find size 28 breech! RJ Classics makes breeches up to size 36, as do Tailored Sportsman and Ariat. On Course and TuffRider aren’t quite as high end, but carry an affordable selection of larger sizes. On Course goes up to 36 (look for the ‘Shapely’ line), while TuffRider makes a generously cut 34. If you need schooling tights or breeches, Kerrits has a wide selection of styles that go up to 2X! I know some people feel uncomfortable in their tights; I’d recommend their Utility breech or Crossover breech, both of which is made from a thicker fabric that’s just as comfortable and stretchy. Irideon has many styles of tights that go up to 3X. Their breeches go to size 34. Most of Horze’s breeches are available in a size 34, too! Kentucky and Pikeur both make size 36 breeches, but they’re often a special order that can take several weeks to come in.

RJ Classics is your best bet for good-looking hunt coats. They have traditional wool and softshell coats up to size 24 (which fits a 46-47″ bust). Their hunter shadbelly and dressage coat are also available in sizes up to 24; their sizing is kind of weird, so I’d definitely measure yourself and consult the size chart before buying. Other brands that carry coats for bigger busted riders include Kerrits (their new Competitors Koat is available in a 2X for a 46-48″ bust), Irideon (their Kismet coat is available in a 22), Equine Couture (up to 2x), and Ovation (they offer coats in sizes up to 28).

Tall boots aren’t as limited as they used to be when you have large calves. Ariat’s Challenge Contour and Heritage Contour field boots offer an extra-wide size that accommodates a 17.5″ calf. Ovation offers their Flex Plus field boot in wide (16″-18″) and extra wide (18″-20″) in both short and regular heights. Tredstep’s Donatello boot is available in plus (16″-17″) and wide (18″-19″) calf sizes in short, regular, and tall heights. TuffRider offers an affordable tall boot in both field and dress boot styles (Ladies Plus Rider boot) in regular (17″-18″) and extra wide (18″-20″).

For The Tall Rider
Tall riders can have some trouble finding breeches that are long enough in the rise, but Pikeur, Kentucky, Romfh, USG, Ariat, Tailored Sportsman, and RJ Classics offer a “long” length that isn’t just extra fabric tacked on to the bottom of the leg.

Show shirts are nearly impossible to find in a “tall” or “long size”, so if you have a long torso, your best bet is to choose a slightly higher-waisted breech and hope your shirt stays tucked in. I find the European brands like Horze, Pikeur, and Schockmohle run a little longer than American brands.

Jackets are readily available in “long” sizes from Cavallo, Pikeur, RJ Classics, Romfh, and Ariat.

Tall boots for the tall rider are relatively easy to find: Mountain Horse, Ariat, Konig, Ovation, and Tredstep all offer a tall height in most of their foot and calf sizes.

Of course, custom options from a variety of brands are available if something off the shelf won’t do. But if you look hard enough, you can usually find something from somewhere that won’t set you back quite as much as a custom anything!

What brands do you find fit you and your body the best?

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35 thoughts on “Equestrian apparel for all shapes and sizes”

  1. Love this rundown! I’m petite-to-average sized, but with a small waist and big hips/butt, and have found that the Ariat Olympia breeches are a PERFECT fit for my body type. LOVE THEM!

  2. Love this! A word of caution about the TuffRider plus tall boots… they are junk. Or at least the pair i got are. I’ve had mine since July 2015, ride one horse about 4 times a week. The boots fit me fairly loosely, by no means was the zipper straining even a little. And yet 2 weeks ago the zipper busted on one, and on the other the zipper never did stay up (even using the keeper). If anyone is thinking about purchasing these boots be prepared to have the zippers replaced.

    1. Ugh, what a pain in the ass. I had a pair of junky Treadstone boots that were the same way. I had the zippers repaired once and replaced once, and then I just started riding in half chaps (until a zipper on those broke, too)!

      1. So frustrating. I haven’t gotten the zipper replaced yet. I really hope it’s not a big deal or expensive.
        Also I need you to live closer and be my personal shopper.

  3. Good list. One frustrating aspect of not being the popular size is having to special order things. Yes, Ariat makes a XW tall boots, but normal retailers don’t carry them. I had to special order them and they took forever to get to me. (I could have ordered directly from Ariat and paid like 20$ for shipping, but wanted to get it through a retailer that would do returns if needed). As a tall person, I like Kerrits stuff a lot. Even the non Long pants tend to be long enough for my legs.

    1. Special ordering is the worst for everyone involved, I think. Customers don’t like it because they have to wait FOREVER to get it from their local tack store. Tack stores don’t like it because vendors are S L O W to ship (sometimes because things are coming from another country- e.g. size 36 Kentucky breeches are never in the US warehouse, they’re always shipped from Germany) and if something doesn’t fit upon arrival, customers are usually NOT willing to wait another 8 weeks to get something else. Frustrating for everyone.

  4. This is no reflection on your really nice post, but the fact that “goes up to 36” qualifies a breeches maker for plus-sized consideration is EFFED UP. I wear a 30 or 32 in breeches, and I am no way near plus sized. I am solidly built, wear an 8 or 10 in pants and often a medium in shirts or leggings. So, pretty darn average sized. Yet, in breeches I’m at the plus-sized end of the spectrum? THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS, EQUESTRIAN CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS.

    1. I know, I know! I feel so impossibly bad when someone who needs a 36 or 38 breech comes into work and just can’t find what they need because most equestrian clothing manufacturers don’t make those sizes (for women, at least). It’s a terrible blow to someone’s self-confidence! I’m personally a size 34/36 breech and get seriously down when a beautiful color or fun pattern is only available up to a size 32.

      A lot of brands offer men’s sizes up to a 42 waist, so I don’t understand why they don’t do ladies’ to that size as well. I suppose it could be lack of demand, but how do you know that when you don’t offer that size??

      1. Part of the conspiracy to make women feel like shit, is my best guess. Ugh. C’mon. If I am average-sized and already at the largest end then what the hell kind of message does that send? This is just making me cranky spiral now…

        1. Don’t cranky spiral! Just support the companies that don’t advertise “34” as “plus size” and write strongly worded letters to the others. 😛

    2. I totally agree. I went into an upscale Atlanta tack store and asked where the 36’s were. She looked at me aghast, and said that anyone that wore a 36 was too fat to ride!! ARGH!! Needless to say, I haven’t EVER shopped there again, and will not!! And I agree with you and trying to find cute colors and patterns, ticks me off!! Only cute slim riders are qualified to wear those? Offer them and THEN see if they sell! Thanks for your posts! PS I’m a 36L, almost impossible to find!

  5. I’m stubby. Short, but oddly enough short sized clothes are always too short. (I’m 5’2″ so this makes little sense to me.) I am pretty small on top, but have ginormous thighs and butt. My go-to’s are RJ’s for coats (regular length) Tailored sportman for show breeches, but I love ariat’s for everyday, and essex show shirts. I have a few RJ shirts but the collars are really big on me.
    For boots, I finally caved and got Parlanti’s last year. I didn’t expect to find off the rack that fit my giant calves and tiny feet, but they had them. Extra wide and extra tall… go figure that? I also love the Tuffrider Regal boots for a less pricey option. I had gotten both last year and compared them in a blog post. Parlanti’s are a lot fancier, but the Tuffriders are WAAAAAAY more comfortable. Also, the Tuffriders I was able to wear a regular sized calf as they are extra stretchy. They are available in a few widths and heights, so I really think they’re a nice affordable option.
    Thanks for sharing, I know a lot of people will find this post super helpful!

  6. One day I hope to be a grown up and be able to buy tall boots that are actually tall enough for my mutant legs.

    1. You can order them directly through Ariat’s website! (Or your local English tack store ought to be able to order them for you if they don’t stock them.) Mine took a couple of weeks to arrive, but I have been very happy with them.

      1. PPS Mountain Horse is the only off the shelf boot that fits me. I have a 17″ wide calf and their zipper boots come with an elastic gusset built in. Sure, it strains a bit, but you can buy on Friday and show on Saturday!! Just sayin’!!!

  7. I know this is an old post, but fuller fillies offers really cute clothes and boots for the plus size rider. I think you can only find things online but it’s worth it I think.

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