Foal contest: make your bets!

Gina has officially passed the 320-day mark of gestation, which is generally considered the point at which a foal can survive outside the uterus. Good job, Gina!

Now that baby horse can be expected to arrive sooner rather than later, I thought I’d let y’all give me your best guesses on when it will arrive, what gender it will be, and what color it will be! All you have to do is comment on this post and tell me if you think Gina will:

  • Go over, under, on right on 340 days
  • Produce a filly or a colt
  • Produce a gray or a not-gray

A few odds and ends that might help you make a more educated guess:

  • Gina is not a maiden mare.
  • Gina is 21 years old.
  • Gina is bred to Mannhattan, a gray stallion.
  • Mannhattan has produced gray, bay, and chestnut offspring.
  • Gina’s previous foals were fillies.
  • Gina’s previous foals were chestnut and bay (and both of them were by the chestnut stallion Wradar).
  • I do not know what Gina’s gestation time was for either filly.
Taken today April 2, 2018!

My hope is that Gina will produce a bay filly with a very good tail sometime between now and April 16 or between April 20 and April 26. I’ll be out of town April 17-19 and am leaving for Rolex April 26, and I’d like to be around when baby is born!

If Gina hasn’t foaled by April 16, I’ll take her to the vet while I’m out of town. I know Johnny is not prepared to deal with foaling, and I think it would be unfair to ask my friend next door to keep an eye on Gina while she’s got her own horses and business to focus on!

Anyway, give me your best guess about Gina and her baby! I’ll randomly select a winner from everyone who gets it right and send you a box full of goodies.

29 Replies to “Foal contest: make your bets!”

  1. She’ll foal before 340, filly, and bay. Paige had three colts in a row so maybe Gina will do the same with fillies. 😉 I want you to get what you want hahah

  2. Before 340, filly, grey.

  3. I think after 340, and a grey colt. For your sake I hope I’m wrong 🙂

  4. I think she’ll be just over 340 days, and I think it will be a bay filly.

  5. Over, filly, bay…..NOT during Rolex or no more cookies for her!!!

  6. I’m gonna guess just over 340 days, colt, and not grey

  7. Under, grey filly 🙂

  8. Colt, not grey, over 340

  9. Angela Butler says: Reply

    Under, colt, not gray (chestnut)

  10. Over 340 (prob 341 bc it has to be on The Queen’s own terms). She’s due for a colt and bay.

  11. Under 340, colt, dark at birth but with grey out

  12. After 340. Bay filly with an exceptional tail

  13. I’m going to guess over, bay and a colt.

  14. Over, filly, not gray. 🙂

  15. Oooh how fun. I guess gray colt born over.

  16. Under, Filly, Gray

  17. Over, filly, not grey. Although if she’d pop out an adorable grey colt tomorrow I would be happier.

  18. over 340 days, colt, grey

  19. Betsy in WI says: Reply

    I’ll go with right on 340, filly, not gray – chestnut!

    Betsy in WI

  20. Mollie Rogers says: Reply

    Under, Philly, gray

  21. Cara Glendenning says: Reply

    over, colt, bay

  22. Right at 340, filly, bay

  23. After 340, filly, grey

  24. A friend of mine raised a Mannhattan daughter and loved her so so much- I hope you get one like her! So, I’ll guess Over/Filly/Rose Gray

  25. Over, filly, def gray. I wish for a chestnut (and for you to give her to me, lol), but feel like that’s very unlikely! Hope she goes while you’re home!

  26. Over, colt, grey

    Whatever it is, hoping for a smooth and healthy birth!

  27. Allie-Rocking E Cowgirl says: Reply

    Over, filly, not grey. Final Answer. Hang in there, Gina!

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