Friday Five


It’s Friday, y’all! That means Johnny and I will spend all evening and as much time as possible tomorrow moving things into our new house! Our old house is slated for renovation from the sewer-water incident to begin the first week of October, so we’re trying to move as much stuff as possible before I leave for Dressage At Devon at 7 AM on Sunday morning. (If you’re going to be at Devon and want to say hi, send me an email at [email protected])

Anyway, here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE Tabby Cat


If you’re using Google Chrome, you should install Tabby Cat. Every time you open a new tab, an adorable cat is generated. They have adorable names like “Sneaky Twinkie” and “Li’l Marshmallow”, and some of them come with adorable accessories like a fez, soccer ball, or glasses. My work day is 1000% improved by the addition of Tabby Cat.

TWO A beginner’s guide to hunting: all your questions answered from Horse & Hound

I have hunting on the brain! It’s just about a month away, and I’ve bribed some of the more adventurous barn children to take Gina out on conditioning hacks while I’m gone over the next couple of weeks. This short article from Horse & Hound has some good tips for anyone interested in going out this season.

THREE The Girl Who Doesn’t Exist from Radiolab

This episode of podcast Radiolab describes the strange tale of a girl born in Texas, but doesn’t actually exist in the eyes of the state. She was born at home, home schooled, and never visited a doctor. Since leaving her family’s home, she’s struggled to do things the rest of us take for granted- get a driver’s license, go to school, and get a job.

FOUR B Vertigo Lexington dressage pad

need the teal pad with purple piping. It will look hideous on both horses, but it’s so pretty!

FIVE Five Questions with Charlotte Dujardin at the Rolex Central Park Horse Show from Chronicle of the Horse

How I wish I could watch Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro perform their freestyle tomorrow night! I’ll have to settle for watching a video after the fact, but how awesome!

16 Replies to “Friday Five”

  1. I seriously need to get into podcasts! They are so interesting

    1. I enjoy listening to them while I’m doing something especially tedious at work. I love Radiolab, This American Life, and Marketplace!

  2. I love Radiolab, on our local NPR station it’s on when I drive to the barn on Sundays. Haven’t heard that one though, will have to check it out! Congratulations on moving!!

    1. I think it’s on Saturdays here- I don’t catch it on the radio often, but I love listening to it at work!

  3. Yes to that pad! And good luck moving!

    1. The pad is beautiful. Maybe I need Gina to have a gray baby after all!

    1. It’s one of my favorites!

  4. Yay! Moving finally!!! So excited for you. Have fun at Devon!

    1. I’m sooo excited for moving (and Devon)!

  5. Aw Tabby cat sounds flipping adorable. Will have to do that on my home computer (at work right now)
    Yay for moving 🙂

  6. I’m so happy for you and your non-poopy house! WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  7. I actually did a case study on that girl for a class in college! It’s super crazy.

  8. OMG thank you for the hunting article!! I’m trying to cap this year and I have so.many.questions.

  9. I just listened to that Radiolab. Crazy. Really interesting.

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