Friday Five

It’s been a fast week- I’m back in the swing of things at work and slowly resetting my routine of barn, exercise, and cooking at home. I’m catching up on lots of stuff, which means all sorts of things are on my radar!

Pink isn’t my first choice for a shirt, but I LOVE the studs on the shoulders. The fabric on this feels super silky and light, which makes it perfect for summer. I kind of want to buy it, but then I remind myself I have yet to go to a single show. 
I’d totally forgotten about this website until an email showed up in my inbox this week. AchieveMint is a site (or an app, if you have an iPhone) that rewards you for healthy activities. You connect apps you already use to AchieveMint (for example, I have a running app and My Fitness Pal connected); every time you use those apps, AchieveMint gives you points. (The number depends on the activity you’re logging.) When you reach 25,000 points, they send you $25. Seriously. I’d totally forgotten about this until AchieveMint emailed me this week to tell me I’d reached 25,000 points. Woo, extra money!
When Beka of The Owls Approve let us all in on the secret that is her Etsy store, I was thrilled. She made me a Hand Gallop keychain a while ago that has been nothing but excellent, so I was super psyched to purchase some hand-stamped metal stuff from her. I love, love, love these super-stylish arrow bracelets, and the sweet wedding keychain was a nice bonus. Now that the thick equestrian cuff bracelets are back in stock, yours truly has a bad case of grabby hands.
Johnny introduced me to basketball shortly after we met, and I’ve been a dedicated Memphis Grizzlies fan ever since. (I’ve been a dedicated Oklahoma City Thunder hater ever since, too.) This hilarious and accurate look at the Grizzlies’ bizarre and wonderful Tony Allen is worth a read even if you aren’t an NBA fan. 
Tulsa’s a very affordable city, but this article has some great advice for enjoying the place you live- expensive or not. It’s inspired me to look at and appreciate some of the free things offered in town, like the Philbrook Museum’s free admission days and festivals like Hop Jam, Hanson’s annual music and beer celebration!

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  1. This is pretty much totally unrelated, but did you once do a Friday Five including a website where you could take classes for free? Like a photography class? Someone blogged about it and I can't remember who and it is driving me crazy!!

    1. yes! I've taken several classes through Open 2 Study ( on various stuff and I felt like it was worthwhile. (yay learning?) Anyway, they do offer a photography class; I haven't taken it, so if you do, let me know!

  2. i love that shirt!

    1. LV makes it in while, which is more my style, but we don't have any. The pink is REALLY bright!

  3. Soooo. I bought a button-up shirt from Smartpak because it was on sale. And I'm a little confused about it. It says that it's appropriate for the show ring, but which ring? If I were to go to a hunter show, could I wear it in place of a shirt with a traditional collar? (I ask you because you're my new expert.)

    Also, glad you like your stuff. I tried a new technique with the keychain and it failed miserably, but I still think it came out okay.

    1. Hahaha, I am not an expert! I just somehow sell equestrian stuff for a living. 😛

      A long sleeve button up shirt is appropriate for the hunter ring- if it has a wraparound collar (like this one from RJ Classics:, you can forego the traditional ratcatcher collar. I think.

      These days, anything goes in the dressage ring; we're seeing lots of bright colored tech fabric shirts with a white collar, over which people wear a pre-tied stock tie. Extra points if it's bedazzled.

  4. Achievemint! That's cool, I'm going to look into it.

    1. You should! No hassles for the rewards, either; they just stuck it in my PayPal account.

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