Through most of my life, my tack trunk has been a hunter green-veneered plywood footlocker that’s original purpose was to hold my belongings during the two weeks of Girl Scout camp I attended every summer. In high school, I started to cover it in bumper stickers: slogans like “Pony Club Is Great, Ask Us About It!” and “Don’t Take Your Organs To Heaven, Heaven Knows We Need Them Here!” are stuck alongside oval-shaped stickers from places like the Dismal Swamp Canal and Virginia Beach. The trunk has lasted much longer than I ever expected it to, but it’s slowly dying. The lock is rusty. The bottom of the trunk appears to be disintegrating. Pieces of the frame have come unglued.

You can see the trunk hiding under my saddle pads.

I’d like to replace the trunk, but I don’t know what sort of replacement to buy. The new trunk will need to hold wraps of all kinds, extra horse boots, and a few pieces of infrequently used tack (like my running martingale attachment, extra girths, extra halters, etc). The trunk will live in my tack room, which doesn’t have a ton of floor space thanks to the bizarrely giant bathroom door. The trunk doesn’t need to be especially mobile or double as a mounting block or anything- I don’t plan on taking it to shows with me.

What kind of tack trunk to do you use? Any recommendations?