Looking Good

It’s Saturday, and I’m off to see the Governor’s Cup race at Remington Park in Oklahoma City with my friend (and Thoroughbred expert/aspiring dressage rider) Holly. Of course, you can’t go to a horse race without looking good (unless you’re going to Will Rogers Downs in Claremore). So, of course, instead of finding myself something […]

Scariest Olympic Jumps

Thanks to Johnny’s obsession with basketball, we a TV package that includes all of NBC’s networks. (The time for a tirade on being able to simply add NBATV  à la carte is not this post.) This meant I had streaming access to every Olympic event, and while I didn’t watch table tennis or BMX, you can […]

Moe Is Not A Morning Person

Like a truly dedicated professional, I wrenched myself from my cozy bed at 5:15 AM, slithered into my breeches, and headed out the door at 5:25 AM. I reached the barn by 6 AM, just when the sun was rising. I thoroughly confused poor old Minnie, who started frantically nickering in expectation of breakfast. My […]