Hot Hot Heat

I spent last week on a blissfully cool vacation in Ouray, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Unfortunately, this meant I wasn’t riding Moe. As I’m toying with the idea of taking him to a schooling horse trial later this month, I should probably ride him or something. The lowest temperature predicted this week is […]

Colt Is A Genius

Okay, well, maybe that title is an exaggeration. Colt’s not a genius. But he HAS proved to be extremely trainable and has a very good memory, which is good enough for me. I jumped on him last week for a short lesson with Anne. (In this heat, everything has to be a short lesson.) He […]


Let’s take a minute to talk supplements. I have never really considered myself a supplements person. Growing up, none of my horses received supplements. They didn’t really even receive much feed. They ate well-kept pasture for most of the year, good grass hay in the winter, always had fresh water and a mineral block, and […]