A Tale of a Tail

Let me preface this post by saying that my dad is not a bad guy. He is not a mean guy, or a neglectful guy, or really even an especially horse-ignorant guy. But he is not really a…thorough horse guy. While he took adequate care of Moe during the three years he was there (by […]


Baby Moe is home in Oklahoma, finally. After three years and many miles, we are reunited. I am so happy I could cry. Moe is spending the night in a dry lot at work until I can take him to where he’ll be boarded and supervise him while he gets to know Gina, Colt, and […]

Two Point Challenge

Thanks to SprinklerBandit and her challenge to the horse bloggers of the world, I took the time to clock myself in two-point today.  Four minutes. That’s all I could last. Yikes! I absolutely know my college coach would be deeply disappointed in me. I’m also fairly sure that all of my instructors from my Pony Club […]