Riding Big Red

I was able to leave work early on Friday and spent the afternoon riding Colt (affectionately known as Big Red) with Kyla and Cal for company. Colt has improved about a hundred times over since he arrived- he’s easier to catch, behaves better in the barn, and seems more relaxed while being ridden. He’s turning […]

Jumping Lesson

Yesterday was the best jumping lesson I’ve ever had on The G.  Anne set up four trot poles leading to a very small crossrail and a couple of ground poles about three strides apart on a diagonal. Gina warmed up well. She was totally unfazed by Linda using the tractor to put out round bales, […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas (or should I say Mare-y Christmas?) everyone! I spent the day convincing my boss’s son to bring his gigantic Oldenburg gelding to the barn so I could ride him. Mission accomplished: the horse arrives tomorrow or Tuesday. I cannot express how excited I am. In other news, Princess G decided she most definitely […]

Settling In

Princess G has been settling into her barn very nicely. It seems like she’s been there her entire life, what with the way she’s ruling the paddock. She’s in with her old frenemy Cal (Kyla’s TB gelding), an elderly Trakehner gelding named Atut (the grey horse tied up behind G in the above picture), and […]