Product review: Mrs. Conn’s Bath Day sponges


When I opened my May and June Horse Boxes and found shampoo-filled sponges from Mrs. Conn’s Bath Day, I squealed like a small child. I’d seen the sponges on various equestrian social media channels and couldn’t wait to try them, mostly because they’re so freaking cute.

I received a Dazzle-Berry pony pod and an Oatmeal sponge; the pony pod is roughly 3/4 the size of the sponge, but is functionally the same.

Because Gina is very obviously a princess, I elected to use the Dazzle-Berry pony pod on her. The sponge itself smells great. Dazzle-Berry basically smells like your favorite Bonnie Bell lip balm from sixth grade. Gina was neither impressed nor disturbed by the smell. It foams well with just a little water, and I was pleasantly surprised with how much lather it generated. The lather rinsed off easily, and left Gina looking shiny and smooth. I was especially impressed with how white her socks looked. The scent didn’t linger, so for all of you out there who don’t want your horse to smell like a Lisa Frank picture, you’re safe.


Since the initial bath, I’ve used the Dazzle-Berry pony pod four more times, and it doesn’t show any signs of running out of shampoo. It’s a little difficult finding a suitable place to let it dry- I don’t want it to get extra dirty, or mildew-y and gross. I settled for placing it on its edge on my tack trunk; that seems to do nicely. I wish it had a loop, like many human bath sponges do- then it could hang somewhere!


After using the pony pod, I think I’m a shampoo-filled sponge convert. It’s a lot cleaner and more pleasant than dipping a big sponge in and out of a shampoo-filled bucket; I can’t be the only one who hates it when soapy water from a big wet sponge runs down your arm and into your armpit. Mrs. Conn’s is also an environmentally-conscious company, which I appreciate. Their shampoo formulas don’t contain any harsh detergents or parabens, and once you’re done with the sponge, it can be composted! It’s nice to find a product that works well and plays nice with the earth.


Effectiveness: 5/5, Gina and Moe have been clean and shiny post-bath
Value: 4/5, pony pods can be purchased for $5; regular sponges for $10. It’s a good value, but if price is important to you, you can find more economical choices in many traditional shampoos that you dilute in water.
Overall: 4/5, these are an innovative and interesting product that are more environmentally-friendly than most, moderately priced, and super cute. My only complaint is the lack of a loop to hang it.

What do y’all use for bathing? Have you tried Mrs. Conn’s?

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  1. I’ve wondered about these! Now I need to try one!

    1. Get the a pony pod- you can’t beat trying it for $5!

  2. Ooooo… new things for me to buy that I don’t really need! (Shopaholic… I can’t help it.) Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know, that’s why I never bought them- I have shampoo I like, and I frequently drag the dregs of human shampoo/conditioner to the barn. But these things are pretty spiffy.

  3. I actually probably bathe my pony less than once a year… his pre-show routine is just a white stocking scrub! But if I did bathe more frequently I’d try these… they seem like a great no-mess product!

    1. They’re definitely no-mess! And super handy for the stocking scrub routine.

  4. interesting!! seems like you’d waste less shampoo and water using these too. they’re super cute!

    1. Absolutely! You don’t waste nearly as much water using this as you would using a traditional diluted shampoo. If you just put shampoo directly on the horse, you’re probably using about the same amount of water, but more shampoo.

  5. These sound awesome, I must see if i can find similar products here or else see if they’ll ship international ☺☺☺☺

    1. I bet they’ll ship international if you ask nicely. 😛

  6. Ooh! I like these. Could you feed a needle through it with some ribbon or something? I’m all about DIYing things hahah

    1. Ooooh, good idea! Why didn’t I think of that??

  7. I think these are adorable, but I was too afraid to jump on the bandwagon until someone had tried them. So cute, I will add to my list of ‘to buy’ items 🙂

    1. Glad to help 😉

  8. How neat! I didn’t know they lasted more than one bath, that is awesome!!

    1. I know! I didn’t realize that either, and I was so pleased to get 7 baths out of the pony pod!

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