Gina’s due to foal in mid-to-late April, which somehow seems both terrifyingly soon and impossibly far off. One of the things I’ll need to do when her offspring is born is register it with one of the various warmblood registries that it ought to be eligible for.

One of Gina’s daughters. I’ve met this one as a grown-up!

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the reasons I chose to breed to Mannhattan is because he’s approved for ISR/Oldenburg NA. Gina’s approved, too- she was approved long before I bought her, and her previous offspring have been registered with ISR/Oldenburg NA. However, Mannhattan is not active with ISR/Oldenburg NA; according to the organization, his offspring are eligible for registration, but require a letter of parentage verification and a DNA test. I don’t anticipate that being a problem, but learning that made me take a deeper look into what some registries require for foal registration. Mannhattan is currently active with the German Oldenburg Verband and Westfalen NA/RPSI, so I looked at those registries in addition to ISR/Oldenburg NA.

ISR/Oldenburg NA

Registration requirements for ISR/Oldenburg NA are:

  • Presentation at an ISR/Oldenburg inspection the year it’s born. This shouldn’t be a problem, as there’s a farm near Oklahoma City (~2 hours from me) that usually holds an inspection in the fall.
  • Out of a mare entered into one of the Registry’s Mare Books. Done! Gina is entered into the Main Mare Book.
  • By a Registry-Licensed or Approved stallion. Done, as long as I provide the letter of parentage verification and DNA test.
  • Approximate cost: $370
    • $60 for DNA kit
    • $120 for membership fee + transfer fee (to transfer ownership of Gina to me)
    • $30 annual fee for mare that’s used for breeding
    • $160 registration entry for foal

German Oldenburg Verband

Registration requirements for the German Oldenburg Verband are:

  • Presentation at a GOV inspection. The stud that stands Mannhattan hosts an inspection in the fall; it’s about a two hour drive.
  • Both parents are GOV-approved. Sire is approved; dam is not. Gina would need to be inspected and approved in order for her foal to be registered with GOV. I have no idea if she’d be approved. The GOV’s rulebook states, “Although we will continue to accept TB mares, they must be of high quality, both mentally and conformationally, have very good elastic and flowing gaits, and preferably have competed well in sport horse disciplines.” Gina has lovely gaits, good conformation, and is mentally pretty solid (despite all the joking on her I do), but she certainly hasn’t competed at high or notable levels of sport horse disciplines. Somehow, I don’t think being Introductory Level Schooling Show Champion is what the GOV is looking for.
  • Approximate cost: $500
    • $100 for membership fee
    • $150 for broodmare inspection fee
    • $250 for foal inspection, registration, microchipping, and DNA typing

Westfalen NA/RPSI

Registration requirements for Westfalen NA/RPSI are:

  • Presentation at an inspection. This ought to be a piece of cake, as there are two inspections in Oklahoma, one of which is less than an hour from my house!
  • By a licensed stallion. Done, as Mannhattan on the roster of the Westfalen NA/RPSI Studbook I.
  • Out of an eligible mare. Gina is eligible for approval by Westfalen NA/RPSI; her inspection results would determine which book she would be entered in. Provided the judges didn’t find her completely hideous and she was entered into Mare Book I or II, her offspring would be eligible for German papers and a full brand.
  • Approximate cost: $425
    • $100 for membership fee
    • $130 mare inspection/registration fee
    • $185 foal inspection/registration fee
    • $10 office fee

As you can see, none of the registries differ significantly from one another in either requirements or cost. I will probably register the foal with ISR/Oldenburg NA simply because it’s easier, and I won’t have to get Gina inspected. However, I’d welcome your input! Do you have experience with any of these registries? Do you prefer one over the other?