Two-Pointober time


I was glad to hear L. & Hillary had extended the deadline for Two-Pointober times! I hopped on Gina this morning to record my time- I’ll be using her for the challenge for a couple of reasons. It’s much easier to manage a timer on her; I can put my reins in one hand and fiddle with my phone with the other and she’ll cruise along at a pleasant canter. (Moe completely lacks the ability to cruise along at anything slower than a mad gallop.) Gina also needs some conditioning work to be prepared for hunt season (as do I)!

Scraggly mane needs to be trimmed, ugh

It was nice and cool this morning, so hacking in the hay meadow we went! After some walking and trotting, I let Gina canter. We made a circuit of both the upper and lower fields before Gina started to feel a little tired and I started to reconsider my plan to do both two-point work and jogging on the same day.


I ended up at 4:06, which seems about right. Here’s my plan to improve my time:

  • Resume pilates workouts 3x/week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Add additional jogging day (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday/Sunday)
  • Practice two-point twice a week (Tuesday, Sunday)

Who else has a Two-Pointober plan?

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18 thoughts on “Two-Pointober time”

  1. omg. A plan? I had no plan. I was going to just practice occasionally and through the magic of montage get better. It’s seriously only in reading your plan that I realize I should have a plan.

    1. That’s pretty much what I do every year…and then I forget to track my progress or get my baseline in on time or something. I hope my plan helps me stay on track this year!

  2. My plan is also basically 2x/week 2-pointober practice… but I thought I had to do it at the trot! I was like “wow if I get anywhere near Amanda’s record my horse will be bored as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”.

    I’m also adding to my own 2-point challenge by not letting Murray just cruise around in an inverted trot during my sessions. I’m trying to get him to stretch over his top line AT LEAST A LITTLE. I’m not going to encourage my horse to build up his underneck four minutes at a time twice a ride twice a week for four weeks… no thank you.

    1. That is a good plan! Moe often gets inverted during conditioning work, which is why his ewe neck has persisted for years! You are awesome for insisting Murray not giraffe around!

  3. Wait… You have a PLAN?! That is a whole new level of commitment that I applaud you for. Also, I may or may not steal your plan …….. Lol

  4. My plan is typically sneak in as much in whenever I can during lessons when my trainer isn’t paying attention and then doing long stretches on hack day (and a lot of leg work at the gym!)

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