Weekend in numbers

10: Number of cups of coffee consumed on Saturday in an effort to get warm in the 50-degree weather. It didn’t work.

9: Number of tubes of Perfect Prep purchased by one person at the show. She asked how many I had left; I started to count them, and she said, “Nevermind, just give me all of them.”

8: Number of times I felt certain the 3’3 Junior Hunters must be finished; also the number of times I was wrong.

7: Number of friends who came to Tulsa to watch the grand prix on Saturday night! I was delighted to watch the grand prix with a big group of dressage people and people from the barn. Barn friends are the best kind of friends!

6: Approximate number of hours the AO Hunter division took. I really, really hate going to hunter shows.

5: Number of people who were mad that I wasn’t at the trailer at the exact moment they wanted to buy something; apparently, I shouldn’t leave to go to the bathroom or refill my water bottle.

4: Number of Very Exciting Incidents during the grand prix. Someone’s bridle broke mid-round, someone’s horse launched them into the wall around the arena, someone’s horse slid into a jump, and someone else had a rail at every single jump.

3: Number of horses who made it to the jump off of a field of nineteen. Is this typical, or was everyone at this show just having a bad night?

2: Number of children who climbed on the trailer hitch; also number of children I contemplated slapping.

1: Number of hunter shows remaining on my work calendar this year. It’s not until November and I’m already dreading it.

How was your weekend?

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