I joined USEA last year, foolishly thinking I would take Gina to a few recognized event. As it stands, I haven’t been to recognized event since 2006 or so, and the only schooling event I attended was not on Gina.

Part of that membership apparently includes subscription to multiple email lists, one of which is the list for my area, Area V. A couple of weeks ago, an email arrived in my inbox soliciting designs for a new logo for the Area V Adult Riders group.

Things were kind of slow at work, so I put my copy of Photoshop to good use and knocked out the logo above on a whim and sent it in.

Lo and behold, my design was chosen as the winner! I’ll get a technical t-shirt and bridle bag with my logo on it, which seems like a fair trade.

I’m super excited to have won! Now I just need to finish the logo for the barn where the horses live- maybe I can get a t-shirt out of that, too!

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