2016 Blogger Secret Santa

Hey y’all! I hope everyone had a delightful holiday season; I didn’t intentionally take a little blogging hiatus, but between traveling to Texas for Christmas and subsequently developing a cough-heavy cold, I just couldn’t get motivated to write. Happily, I’m feeling way better and am excited to share my goodies from Blogger Secret Santa!

My Secret Santa was Alanna over at Pony Express! I’ve been reading Alanna’s blog for a couple of years; it’s always an enjoyable read. She has a senior Thoroughbred and an adorable young Welsh pony, and you should definitely add her to your blogger list if she’s not on it already.

Alanna sent me a whole slew of stuff for my new barn! There are two bridle hooks, which I badly need- there are only three in my tack room! (And they’re currently holding five bridles, a standing martingale, a breastplate, and a bag of very stale powered sugar donuts for Moe.) She also sent a little knife, which is perfect for keeping in the barn; I almost always forget to bring my Leatherman with me. There’s a whip holder, which means I can stop cramming my jumping bats into my grooming kit. And how cute are those “Breakfast” and “Dinner” bucket covers?! Each horse has a set. And, of course, Moe and Gina appreciate the Mrs. Pasture’s stocking- Mrs. P’s cookies are their favorite!

I’m always excited about Blogger Secret Santa, and I’m grateful to Tracy at Fly On Over for putting it together every year!

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  1. So perfect for your new farm! I use those bucket covers at shows. They’re the best! I have slightly different ones that I use at home. Seriously, one of those things you never knew you needed.

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