2016 Goals


As I said yesterday, I feel pretty good about 2015. I accomplished most of my personal goals (I read, I ran, I had a wedding), as well as achieving my goal of riding an average of 4 times per week. I didn’t take Gina to a USEA sanctioned event, nor did I win a year end award, but I am at peace with our First Level effort and am very proud of how Gina has performed hunting.

With two schooling HT/CTs under our collective belt this year, I feel positively about eventing Moe in 2016. I’m certain he can handle a season at Novice; I’m also certain I know him well enough to catch any signs of burnout, injury, or fatigue even if they’re subtle.

I plan to breed Gina next spring, but pregnant Gina can still be dressage Gina for a while (barring any advice to the contrary from the vet), and I’d like to make another go at First Level in 2016.

I’ve also got some personal things I’d like to accomplish, like getting to a healthy weight and reading 50 more books.

Here’s the summary of my goals for 2016:

  • Event Moe at 2 schooling HTs/CTs
  • Event Moe at 3 USEA sanctioned events
  • Compete on Gina in 3 schooling dressage shows at First Level
  • Breed Gina
  • Take a monthly dressage lesson on either horse
  • Achieve healthy weight
  • Read 50 books
  • List house for sale

More specifically, this is the tentative horse calendar:

  • January 30-31: Audit Mary D’Arcy clinic  (Norman, OK)
  • February 20: Feather Creek Farm schooling HT (Norman, OK)
  • March 12: GCC dressage schooling show (local)
  • April 2: GCC dressage schooling show (local)
  • April 29-May 1: ROLEX! (My friend Trista and I have tickets for Saturday & Sunday- who wants to meet up?!)
  • April ??: Breed Gina
  • May 22: Dressage clinic with Aaron Wilson (local)
  • May 28: Willow Draw HT (Weatherford, TX)
  • June 11-12: Queeny Park HT (Ballwin, MO)
  • August 27-28: Corona Del Sol Heat Buster HT (Baird, TX)
  • September 17: GCC dressage schooling show (local)
  • October 2 (tentative): Gallery Farm schooling CT (Noble, OK)

It’s a busy year, but it ought be doable. The major USEA shows will certainly require some travel- they’re all about 6 hours away. Fortunately, Moe is an excellent and experienced traveler!

What are your plans for the new year?

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9 thoughts on “2016 Goals”

  1. You’re so organized! I think you have a pretty solid plan laid out. I can’t wait to follow along!
    I have no idea what to expect in the new year… I think Jamp has another year or so in him to show, but I’m not sure we should keep doing the adult equitation. Maybe I’ll try him back in the jumper ring in some low classes. I’m excited to get the race horse going and maybe get him to a schooling show in the spring. Meanwhile, his canter is completely out of control…. we have some work to do!

    1. Thanks- I’ve really worked to make an organized, achievable plan! But you know how horses go- they’ll probably both end up lame or something!

      I am excited to read about your race horse adventures next year!!

  2. Rolex! I’m so jealous! !!
    Love your plans. Sounds like a fabulous year ahead!
    I hope to join you for parts of it. The CTs for sure and some of the dressage schooling shows. Organization is not my strong point. But, I do plan to hunt as much as possible. Hoping for sound horses and good weather!! Sound truck and trailer, understanding husband and willing babysitters and the stars will align and life will be good!

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