Breeding update

Gina went to the vet for a pregnancy check on Wednesday, and I’m pleased to report she is in foal to Mannhattan! There were actually two embryos in there, which is somewhat common in Thoroughbred mares. Twin pregnancies in equines are bad all around, so my vet pinched off the slightly smaller embryo. (My neighbor joked that we should have done an embryo transfer to one of her mares.)

Is Gina cooking a mini-Gina in there?

My vet also recommended that Gina receive Regu-Mate to support her pregnancy. Regu-Mate is a synthetic progestagen which is most often used to suppress estrus; however, it’s sometimes recommended to help mares with low progesterone levels maintain pregnancies. (My vet recommended it due to Gina’s embryo absorption last year.) If you’re interested, Equine Reproduction has a thoughtful article on the subject.

Like last year, my vet recommended that Gina continue her usual diet and exercise regime. She advised that I’d probably want to stop riding her around month eight of pregnancy, but until then, it’s in Gina’s best interests to stay in good shape. I’m sure all the lesson students she regularly terrorizes are thrilled.

I’m just as excited about this cross as I was last year. I’ll even grudgingly accept a gray colt if it jumps like its sire!

Young Mannhattan jumping