25 things you don’t know about me

L. Williams saves the day with a fun questionnaire! My rides haven’t been super exciting lately- Gina is doing lots of conditioning work for hunt season, Moe is toting children around, and Candy is doing some fairly uninteresting green horse stuff, like realizing steering still applies in the large outdoor arena.

I’m happiest when…I’m surrounded by friends!

…Especially if…they’re horse friends!

I’ve always wanted to…visit every National Park in the United States!

I made it here in 2013!
I made it here in 2013!

My family and I…live super far apart, which means we don’t see each other often.

I was a terrible…college student. I took very few classes seriously, spent too much time playing Rock Band with my friends, and never really learned to study.

Basically all of 2004-2008
Basically all of 2004-2008

My first job was…as a hostess and cashier at a little restaurant in my hometown called Catfish Campus.

I could probably eat…everything that makes up the Fat Guy’s Burger Bar Challenge.  Who doesn’t want to complete an eating challenge, haha? (Fat Guy’s Burger Bar Challenge is: two pound patty, one pound of bacon (15 slices), two (4oz) hot dogs, 8 slices american cheese,  lettuce, tomato, onion and your choice of condiment. All of this takes place on a one pound bun. Don’t forget to eat the pound of french fries! All in 60 minutes.)

I stole… a Star Wars DVD from Walmart. Johnny and I were buying all 3 of the newer movies last year and foolishly went to self-checkout. Of course, this meant we had to have someone come and deactivate the anti-theft things on them; that employee stuck the DVDs in a bag for us and we paid and walked out before we realized we’d only paid for 2 of them.

I was born on the same day as…President John Adams, The Fonz, and my great-aunt Ruth. I’m in good company!

My all time favorite movie isIndiana Jones And The Last Crusade. The Indiana Jones series is amazing, and the addition of Sean Connery makes it even better.

I do a pretty mean…impression of my boss, but don’t tell her. (She has a very distinctive New York accent!)

I’m still mad…about a transaction with a Tulsa furniture store that happened in 2013.

I always knew I wanted a…farm of my own!

Someday I'll get to move in. *cries*
Someday I’ll get to move in. *cries*

I’m not afraid to…do most things. I am very much a “try anything once, twice if I like it” sort of person.

I make the best…bourbon chocolate pecan pie.

I have almost no…desire to have children, although seeing tiny tots on adorable ponies almost makes me change my mind.

I always cry when…I see old horses dumped at the kill buyer auction.

I’m (now) an…involved member of the local dressage community, despite still not self-identifying as a dressage rider, haha!

I spent 8 years…as a Pony Club member, which was one of the most valuable experiences of my life.

(almost) Everything I needed to know about horses, I learned in Pony Club.
(almost) Everything I needed to know about horses, I learned in Pony Club.

I wish my folks…lived a little bit closer, especially my nutty dad! I don’t particularly want to spend a lot of time with them, but as they age, I find myself worrying being 600 miles away from them.

At 5 I was deeply in love with…my Breyer horses!

I believe if everyone…had more empathy for other humans, the world would be a nicer place.

I can’t stand…the local Subaru dealership, which is super unfortunate, because I love my Forester!

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  1. ferguson subaru can’t bite me!!! i love my outback, but ferguson ALMOST makes me want to get rid of it (or become a mechanic)

    I already have my first email requesting a specific ride time. 😉

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