30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11- Your Favorite Tack Shop

Day 11- Your Favorite Tack Shop

Who remembers when State Line Tack partnered with PetSmart and one could find horse things there? That was the best. I was extremely disappointed when that partnership ended!

I started riding in the days before online shopping was a thing; I remember when my parents ordered me a few items via phone order from a Dover Saddlery catalog. Most of my equine items were purchased at one of several nearby stores.

Growing up in southern middle Tennessee, I had a lot of tack shops at my disposal. There was The Tack Trunk, an english tack shop which carried both new and consignment items; my mother, ever the savvy shopper, found me many gently used clothing items there. Judy’s Tack Shop in Franklin, Tenn., also played an important part in kitting out young Stephanie. It was mostly new items and perhaps a little rich for my family. They carried a huge selection of saddles that I ogled at every opportunity.

Of course, I could also count on my local Tractor Supply Company and the Maury County Farmer’s Co-op for necessities like fly spray, dewormer, bot blocks, and saddle soap.

However, my go-to, very favorite tack store was, by far, National Bridle Shop of Lewisburg, Tenn. A mere 30 minutes away (as opposed to Judy’s and The Tack Trunk, which were nearly an hour’s drive), National Bridle catered to the gaited horse set. (Lewisburg is fairly close to the Tennessee Walking Horse capital of the world, Shelbyville.) While I had no use for patent-leather browbands or weighted ankle rings, I could use quality leather girths, breakaway halters, and splint boots. I think before every Pony Club Rally, I made a trip to National Bridle for tack sponges and new stirrup pads (seriously- have you ever tried to clean those?! Not worth it.)

Here in Oklahoma, I have an english tack store, The Horse Of Course, right down the road from me. It’s alright, but somehow, it just can’t compete with the memory of National Bridle. I haven’t been to National Bridle in years, but when I close my eyes, I can still smell the leather, feel the cramped aisles, and see the bins of shiny browbands in every color under the sun. It makes me smile every time.

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  1. Oh, I absolutely loved when PetSmart had State Line Tack. As saddened as I was from that separation, I also relished the killer sales as they parted.

    And I love Tractor Supply for random stuff, but the nearest one is an hour away. Subsequently, I get far more excited about TS than the store actually warrants. 🙂

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