30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8- Your Favorite Horse Magazine

So I didn’t post this yesterday, unfortunately- but I’ll just continue the blog challenge in order, whenever I think of posting.

Day 8- Your Favorite Horse Magazine
I’ve been a longtime lover of Practical Horseman; I love George Morris’s cranky Jumping Clinic and always have. Lately, I’ve also enjoyed Jim Wofford’s column, as well as the various people that write about how to improve a horse’s jumping and dressage skills.

A couple of Christmases ago, Johnny gave me a nook. While this is super awesome for checking out books from the Tulsa County Public Library, it’s even better for subscribing to magazines. I subscribe to old favorites like Southern Living and Eating Well, but I also enjoy getting the digital editions of Practical Horseman and Horse & Hound. It covers a lot of things that aren’t necessarily relevant to me (e.g. British horse racing), but it includes excellent articles from top riders. It’s a bit steep (I think it’s $3.99/wk), but I think it’s well worth it…

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