30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9- Your Show Goals for 2013

Day 9- Your Show Goals for 2013
My goals for 2013 are pretty basic:

  • Show Gina in enough local dressage shows to sell her.
  • Take Colter to a schooling horse trial and a recognized horse trial.
I don’t plan on taking Moe to any shows (except perhaps the fall hunter pace). I haven’t been riding him much; selling Gina is my primary objective. I enjoy the challenge Colter presents- he’s a blank slate who needs work. That’s always been my kind of horse. Moe is pretty settled in his ways, and he’s 18 years old. He’s healthy and happy, and I see no reason to push him. 
Colter’s making good progress, so I imagine I’ll actually get him to a show this year- I’m pretty excited about it!

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