30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 5- Your Show Team

Day 5- Your Show Team

My show team here in Oklahoma is composed of good friends and a decidedly unhorsey boyfriend.

There’s Anne, my amazing trainer (who’s also my friend). She helps me stay cool and calm, helps me warm up, and lets me know when it’s time to beat the pony.

Anne and the famous Atut.

Arguably the most important member of the team is my pal Levi (of hunter pace fame). Levi is my go-to guy when my horses and I need a ride somewhere. While I have a three-horse trailer, I don’t have a truck to pull it. So Levi graciously chauffeurs us around, whether it’s to the lake for a trail ride or halfway across the country.

Levi (right) and me (left) training for the hunter pace last spring.

The third and final member of the Hand Gallop show team? Johnny, my boyfriend of nearly four years. Johnny is not a horse person. Before meeting me, he hadn’t been on or around a horse since he fell off one at Boy Scout camp at age eight. These days, Johnny is comfortable enough around horses to groom them, lead them, and sort of tack them up. He even volunteers at the therapeutic riding center where I work! But he still doesn’t have fun at local dressage shows when I tell him stuff like “Can you hold Gina? Don’t tie her up, she’s going through a ‘not tying’ phase right now.”

Johnny likes cities. (We vacationed in Detriot once!)

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