A day in the life

A couple of years ago, I posted about what my day to day routine looked like. Lots has changed since then, and I thought it might be fun to see what my day to day looks like now!

7:00 AM: Fibit’s silent vibration alarm goes off. I’ve been awake for half an hour anyway because the blinds in my east-facing bedroom don’t do much to block out the glare of the sun.

Home on the range.

7:30 AM: Get out of bed after spending half an hour checking work emails and social media. Feed dogs and kick them outside before pulling on a pair of breeches and sunshirt. Drink a cup of coffee and eat breakfast while skimming blogs and answering work-related Facebook inquiries. Curse people who think communicating with a business via Facebook is the best way to communicate with a business.

8:30 AM: Walk over the barn and feed horses and kittens. Feel mildly relieved that Candy is still alive after obsessively licking the mud where the bleach-water mixture used the clean the water tank was dumped last night. Curse children who rode Moe or Gina last; those little wretches didn’t sweep the barn aisle, rinse off the bit, or leave the saddle pad out to dry. Sweep the barn aisle while the horses finish eating.

8:50 AM: Turn horses out in front pasture. Watch horses trot around. Admire Gina’s beautiful, floaty gait. Wonder if Candy will ever be able to move in a coordinated fashion.

9:00 AM: Have another cup of coffee upon returning to house. Let dogs inside when they show back up, but only after toweling off Lurky, who’s apparently spent the morning in the pond. Get to work proofreading the PR firm’s latest press release.

9:22 AM: Scan copy of red-pen edited press release and email to PR firm while ranting to the dogs about not getting paid enough/paying PR firm too much.

9:25 AM: Drink another cup of coffee. Tell self to stop drinking so much coffee. Start on sponsorship paperwork and program ad for major dressage show. Call boss for clarification on something; end up having conversation on new line of apparel from Netherlands boss found at Spoga. Get off phone with boss without ever getting the information needed in the first place. Text boss.

11:00 AM: Can’t finish up on sponsorship paperwork without confirmation from boss, who hasn’t texted back. Decide to go ride while waiting.

11:15 AM: Contemplate equicide because Candy and Gina can’t stop screaming for each other while Candy is in barn. Wonder why another horse was ever purchased because Moe is obviously the best-behaved, nicest, most talented horse in the entire world. Well. Maybe not, but he’s better than these dumb mares, at least.


12:45 PM: Turn Candy back out after somewhat productive ride. Decline lunch offer from neighbor because there are too many tweens at the barn today. Lunch with five 12-year-olds sounds worse than proofreading the newly rewritten press release.

1:00 PM: Facebook Inquiry Woman has messaged back with more inquires. Call store to get vendor’s phone number to ask if the more durable side leather is available in navy for this woman’s dream boot, a lace-up (as in, all the way up) boot with an inside zipper and navy patent top. Vendor does not answer phone. Sigh. Read press release instead.

1:45 PM: Call vendor again. Vendor advises they’ll have to contact the German manufacturer directly to find out if the leather is available in the requested color. Sigh. Advise Facebook Inquiry Woman of this development.

1:50 PM: Eat lunch, while admiring view from living room into front pasture. Watch Moe and Candy wade belly-deep into the pond and paw to splash themselves. Have minor panic attack when Moe gets out of pond and lays down. Convince self that Moe is napping in the sun, not dying.

It is a nice view!

3:00 PM: Hear back from boss. Finish up show paperwork and ad. Start working on email campaign for new show shirts.

5:00 PM: Decide that’s enough work for one day. Tackle a couple of household chores before starting on dinner.

6:30 PM: Feed horses. Why is Moe’s eye watery? Search for signs of injury, find none. Dig out eye ointment from tack trunk and wonder if it’s still good after a couple of years. Figure that Moe is already old and expired eye ointment probably won’t kill him. Suffer Moe’s baleful (if watery) glare after applying ointment.

6:45 PM: Go jogging at local park; try to feel good about decision to jog and forget about painful side stitch. Try not to get irrationally angry that Johnny is so much faster at jogging. Tell self it’s definitely because he’s so tall.

7:30 PM: Arrive home, eat dinner while watching one of the three PBS stations that’s available via the digital antenna. Realize that you don’t even miss Netflix anymore, but you do miss having normal internet speeds. Remind self that having horses at home is way better than having fast internet.

The sunsets are nice.

9:00 PM: Sit in hot tub and read book in an effort to make muscles stop feeling hideous from jogging. Remind self that jogging is good for your health and a thing that some people enjoy.

10:15 PM: Wake up after dozing off in hot tub. Wonder if you ought to worry about drowning. Go inside, ask Johnny to start checking on you while in the hot tub so you don’t drown.

10:30 PM: Go to bed hoping it’s cloudy in the morning so the sun won’t laser in the bedroom windows and wake you up.

This looks a little different when I go to the office instead of working from home- more driving and less riding! What about you- what does your day look like? Has it changed over the years?

Author: Stephanie

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23 thoughts on “A day in the life”

  1. doesn’t sound like a bad gig!! i definitely appreciate working from home so often these days…. but still got a fair commute to the barn lol.

    1. Having zero commute to the barn is really nice, which is what I told myself all winter when the pipes burst, the snow blew in under the barn door, and Candy ran around her stall like an insane horse while I tried to put her blanket on lol

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks my horses are dying on the regular. Sorry about internet woman. I’m more of a direct emailer myself. Unless I can’t find one or get no reply. I’m totally jealous you can ride during the day, even if only on the days you don’t go into the office.

    1. Great idea! It was a blog hop when I originally posted it a couple of years ago (from Tracy of Fly On Over), so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be one now! 🙂

  3. Stephanie, I feel the same way about all my animals dying in my care except now that Ray is retired I have to add him to the list. Whete is he? Did he drive tractor into pond? Did he get trampled by Pasha trying to make friends again? Wrapped up in barb wire? Attacked by rabid raccoon family that insists on eating our cat food. Life here in Osage County comes with a huge responsibility. But we love it.

  4. So jealous of you having your horses at home. I highly recommend black out curtains though. I would paint my windows black before willingly be woken up by sunlight. I am very protective of my sleep.

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