A horse is a horse, of course, of course

Except when it’s possibly a bizzaro-Barbie doll. I need some advice, y’all.

Johnny and I selected a kid from the local Salvation Army Angel Tree. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the program provides necessities and Christmas gifts for disadvantaged children from infants to age 12 and for seniors citizens who are 60 years and older. ‘Necessities’ are clothing items and shoes, and gift requests range from basketball (12 year old boy) to Crock-Pot (senior citizen).

The child we selected is a 7 year old girl whose toy requests are “dolls of My Little Pony, jewelry making kit, and CD player”. Jewelry making kit and CD player are easy enough, and so were the My Little Pony Dolls- or so I thought.

I had a few hand-me-down MLPs from an older cousin. This is the kind of ‘doll’ I was thinking of:

I knew the ponies had undergone a re-vamp in the last couple of years, so I was totally down with buying this girl a super-cool Rainbow Dash or Twilight Sparkle. 
Then I ran across this while browsing for toys:
Twilight Sparkle, what are you doing?

At some point, the ponies took human form and went to Canterlot High School. I had no idea.

So here’s my question, internet: what does a 7 year old girl mean by “dolls of My Little Pony”? Should I get the ponies? Should I get the humans? ADVISE ME, I DON’T WANT TO MESS UP A LITTLE KID’S CHRISTMAS!

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24 thoughts on “A horse is a horse, of course, of course”

    1. THANK YOU!! Seriously, thanks so much for quizzing your niece! The horse/human hybrid is SUPER bizarre, but I guess each to her own. (Especially when you're 7!)

    1. Johnny and I do some form of this every year; we usually opt for shopping for toys for the "Forgotten Angels" toy drive, which is for kids who either didn't get chosen or whose donors didn't bring anything for them.

      I now recall why we do this: the last time we got a specific kid, he asked for a basketball. We spent two hours in Academy Sports while Johnny agonized over which basketball shoe to buy. He didn't want to buy ones that were too nice and might get stolen, but he didn't want to buy a cheap/ugly pair and have the kid get bullied.

      It's a process.

  1. You are such a kind soul helping get this kid Christmas gifts, but that last pony/person completely freaks me out. It is so wrong :-/
    Sorry I am completely out of touch with the youth of today and useless in attempting to help your crisis

    1. I enjoy shopping for people/giving gifts! (I would seriously send every single blog reader a present if I had your addresses/unlimited funds!) I feel bad that I'm also too out of touch with kids these days to know which MLP toy is cool. 🙁

  2. Why hasn't L commented on this?! She would know exactly what to buy.

    And… I have to admit. I watched the movie. It's sorta cute and the girls don't look this.. um.. promiscuous.

  3. Even if the pony/human THING is what she wants, I vote for ruining one Christmas > a lifetime of trauma that may never be undone. Holy crap that is AWFUL. Buy the real pony.

    1. That's kind of what I'm thinking. Plus, how bad can it be when you're 7? Pretty sure I got two of the same Barbie when I was 7, but I was totally happy to have them both. (I think made them identical twins.)

  4. Holy mother of cod, that is the creepiest doll I've seen in a long time. 0.0 HOW CAN THEY RUIN MLP? I still have my collection…in my fantasies, once day it will be worth thousands, snork.

    PS Also wanted to say, having just found your blog thanks to Kristen's amazing FB stalking skillz, art snob LOVES your super clean design & logo!

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