A new bridle for Gina

Now that Gina’s a legitimate jumping horse, I guess she deserves her own bridle. She has a lovely black dressage bridle to call her own, but my jumping saddle is brown and some inner part of me cringes at the thought of mixing black and brown tack together. Gina’s been borrowing one of Moe’s bridles, but it isn’t really working out.

Bumming Moe’s bridle, bit and all.

For starters, Moe’s head is tiny. He wears a cob-sized bridle. Gina’s head is much larger; the bridle is on the very last hole on almost every strap. I prefer to have some room to adjust if necessary. The other problem is that it’s a figure-8. Gina doesn’t need the figure-8 or a flash noseband. She goes very well in a regular cavesson. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to have one, but the less leather I need to clean, the better.

Here are some bridles I’m considering: 
Making this list, I think my priorities come down to cost, simplicity, and the color brown. (I also wouldn’t complain if it matched my Harwich rubber reins.)
So, tack hos: advise me! What’s going to look good on Gina without breaking the bank? 

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20 thoughts on “A new bridle for Gina”

  1. I think the Flat Out is what Sprinkler Bandit has? Probably my favorite feature of the PS (besides the innovative design) is the reins. Best reins I've ever had, bar none. That said, I've never had the other 3 so I can't comment on those.

    1. I'm always curious about reins- I never thought of myself as picky, but I can't stand web reins, and lots of braided reins drive me nuts because they don't lay quite right. Good to hear that the PS reins are great!

  2. I think the Nunn Finer is going to look good on Gina's face. She has such a pretty face, you don't want to swallow it up with too much bridle. The said, the Harwich is just not substantial enough for my taste. The PS of Sweden is cool, but I still haven't heard definitively if it's legal in recognized competition. I also like the Red Barn, but their tack can stretch like crazy. The drop noseband of theirs I have stretched about 2 whole inches. So… Nunn Finer? 😉

    1. I think the Nunn Finer will look good on her too! I was reading in the USEF rule book for eventing today to see if the PS is legal on XC and it wasn't totally clear to me. (The rule book didn't address if throatlatches are required.)

      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. I agree with the above. She has such a nice face, keeping it simple would look awesome. The Kingston looks like a good mix of everything… Plus the discount would be extra awesome.


    1) I have the nunn finer and it's such a classic look. You really can't go wrong. Great leather, great quality, love it. Won't sell mine because it's just so handy.

    2) OMG PS OF SWEDEN. Yes, that is the model I have. Yes, it is legal for all USEF competitions, dressage, XC, or otherwise. I emailed and asked specifically. The leather is also very nice and the clips are AHHHHMAZING and it's a really great look. I absolutely love the flexibility of being able to completely remove the flash strap. The reins are cool because they're actually quite thin, and yet have enough substance to grip. It's a good bridle.

    3.) I can't get excited about the Harwich.

    4) I had a red barn bridle and it was fine. I sold it. I'd probably buy one again if I needed to, but this option is the epitome of non-exciting.

    1. You're so informative, I love it! Emailing the USEF was one of those things on my "to do" list, which I can now cross off because you've done it. 😛

      I don't think anyone can really get excited about the Harwich; I'm not even sure it will match the Harwich reins I have. (They're 'hazelnut' and that bridle is 'brown'.)

    1. My dressage bridle is a Plymouth. I've been super happy with it- for the price, I was expecting it to be less nice.

      I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for the Beval sale; we carry Beval stuff at the store and sometimes I can get discounts on discounts. 😀

  5. i'm probably the least well-versed in tack here – but just wanted to say that Gina has such a pretty face!! i tend to prefer buckle ends too – but her face is so nice it seems like such a shame to cover it up with buckles!! anyway, good luck and let us know what you decide on 🙂

  6. She has such a delicate face, I think she would look stunning in any of those bridles. Sorry for sitting on the fence & not really helping at all but I have never seen nor touched any of these bridles in person so can't really say – sohree

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