A couple of weeks ago, Johnny asked me if there was anything I needed to buy before Willow Draw. I told him no- I mean, I have all the essentials covered. I have a pair of brand new white breeches, a snazzy show coat, a show shirt, a stock tie, and a pair of boots. I have a safety vest and a helmet and a cross country shirt. I have saddles, saddle pads, girths, and boots for the horse. Moe has his very own cross country bridle and can fit into Gina’s dressage bridle.

But y’all, you can’t go to work in a tack store every single day and not start thinking about all the things you and your horse need want. So while Moe and I don’t need anything major, we could use a few accessories…


Since I’ll be wearing a green coat, colorful browbands are sadly out. That doesn’t mean I can’t add a little pizzazz to my dressage bridle with a new browband! Top left is Ovation Regency Bling Browband, top right is the Horze Crescendo Tabor Browband, and bottom is the Waldhausen Fancy Browband. I can’t decide if gold would look ugly on a chestnut or if the double row of curved crystals would overwhelm Moe’s delicate face. Regardless, the browband can be used for both horses, which totally justifies this purchase.


I own zero fly bonnets, so I definitely need one. Right? Right? My cross country colors have somehow ended up as royal blue and black. I figure it’s too late to change because I already own a saddle pad and a shirt in those colors; I might as well embrace them with a fly bonnet, which is like the ultimate accessory. (Moe and Gina have no reason to wear these silly little hats other than aesthetics.) From left to right, the Horze Supreme Maya Ear Net, the ear-Z Polar Night bonnet (which is $159, but shimmer ears, y’all), and the Walhausen Elastic Fly Veil.


I don’t have a saddle pad problem. Or at least that’s what I tell myself any time I think about buying one. My white dressage pad is beginning to look a little grubby, so why not take this opportunity to replace it? Top left is HKM’s Arctic Shine saddle pad (I could mesmerize the judge with its shininess), bottom left is the USG White & Silver Baroness pad, and right is the Schockemohle Selezione Philea pad (go look at the other colors of this thing. I’ll wait).


I have a perfectly acceptable white hunting stock that I can use for dressage. But come on! Style Stock’s Cream Foliage Silk Brocade stock tie is gorgeous! And I could wear it hunting. If I felt confident in my ability to operate my sewing machine, I would make myself a pretty stock tie. I suppose my wedding dress isn’t doing anything useful and there’s plenty of fabric to practice with…

What about y’all? Thoughts on accessories? Anything you’ve got your eye on?

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25 thoughts on “Accessorizing”

    1. OMG YES AND I AM JEALOUS! Sometimes I’m kind of surprised I haven’t switched to western riding- you have SO much bling! And fringe! And colors!!

  1. As you know, an Ovation Tiffany Crystal browband in turquoise looks fabulous on a chestnut horse. And it would go fine with your green coat.

    1. While it IS a lovely browband and it DOES look great on chestnuts, I don’t think it will go with my green coat. But maybe I can bring the coat out and take a look…

      1. I have now gone down the rabbit hole of looking at browbands online, because apparently this is what I do with my office hours now, rather than grade or do class prep. I think there are some lovely Nunn Finer browbands that would look excellent on Moe. (I don’t think gold would look good. Clear crystals would look better. Or silver. Also, they would go better with your coat. I am, however, intrigued by the “Klara” browlband.)

  2. Awww.. I want the Walhausen fly bonnet. It’s the same brand as Archie’s XC boots and I love those.

    Please, please, make a stock tie out of your wedding dress. With details.

    1. I can’t even manage to sew a napkin, so I don’t feel confident about a stock tie. But you know who’s really good at sewing? Johnny’s mom (who made the wedding dress)! And you know who’s going to be here this week? Johnny’s mom! I will ask her about it. 😛

  3. I will take ten new dressage pads please and thank you. I really want a poufier and blingier stock tie than the one (….okay two) I have now, but I’m so cheap there’s not a whole lot out there I want to spend money on.

    1. Hunting has kind of gotten me into the poofier stock tie look! I really like the look of most of the Style Stock ties, but they are definitely pricey.

  4. I need all the things. My husband disagrees. I would like to get a good breastplate for xc. And that may be an actual need now that my old breastplate has gone missing. I’ve been thinking about making my own stock tie. And I’d like to get some xc boots.

  5. Oooo I want all the sparkly things. I have a list of accessories that I don’t need but really really want. One is a new stock tie from this one etsy page that I can’t find quickly since I’m at work. It’s gray and white and beautiful. I really want pretty spur straps with sparkles and a whip too. I’d also love to get TC a fancy V browband but he needs to earn that by being sound. And I’d love a white saddle pad with silver piping like you posted. And a new black short coat with some sort of piping or velvet something or other. I could see going dark dark gray for the coat too. And my dream saddle comes with piping choices so I’d do a black saddle with gray piping. Or silver piping. Not sure. Good thing I don’t have the budget for these things so don’t have to worry about making these tough decisions!

  6. As much as I love sparkle and shine, I personally find myself avoiding that stuff for showing! Really, honestly, do not need to draw more attention to myself….

  7. Stock tie? Yes! Browbands? Yes! (Especially the top two. Gold looks fantastic on a chestnut, but don’t be like me and horrify people by mixing metals. If your bridle has silver buckles. Don’t go gold.) Saddle pads? Amazing. (FYI. Show rules say “conservative” color for a pad. I dunno what that means when it comes to brilliant shining silver though…) Bonnet? Janet Foy said everyone should get a bonnet and show in it if their horse is remotely looky. Sounds like a great reason to get one. I’d go black.

  8. I want a new Black Forrest treeless saddle! Waiting for Western States Horse Expo to get it. BTW, all those brow bands look great!!!

  9. I have a confession to make…I’ve been an eventer for 4 years now and I still don’t know how to tie a stock tie lol. butt I do love the one you posted!! Also, definitely get a bonnet, I have one too and my horse doesn’t need one, but damn he looks cute in it! haha

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