Adventures in breeding 2017

Last year, I decided I’d start the breeding process earlier in 2017. In 2016, I bred Gina in June; by time┬ávet determined she’d reabsorbed the embryo, it was September, and I didn’t want to rebreed then. (No one wants to be born in the awful heat of August!)

This year, I had a uterine culture on Gina done right before I left for Rolex. Last year, my vet Dr. H had advised leaving the Caslick in over the winter, which I did. Unfortunately, the uterine culture came back positive, and after I returned from Rolex, I dropped Gina off for uterine treatments.

After the uterine treatments, I opted to keep Gina at the vet until Dr. H could AI her. I got a text on Friday that Gina would be ready to breed on Saturday, and on Monday, Dr. H let me know that Gina could go home. I picked her up and briefly talked to my vet. She advised me that the AI went smoothly and Gina ovulated right on schedule. I’ll take Gina back in a couple of weeks for the first pregnancy check- cross all your crossables that everything goes well!

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13 thoughts on “Adventures in breeding 2017”

  1. Fingers crossed! A friend of mine has had similar problems with a mare she has been trying to breed for the last two years, so everything is crossed for both of you!

  2. All crossables crossed! And as for who wants to be born in the awful heat of August… yup, amen. Cause that’s me. And you’d think I would have adapted to hot weather better by now, but I’ll be damned if I don’t start sweating at 70 degrees.

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