Adventures in clipping

I’ve never been super into clipping my horses for the winter. They almost always spend their winters outside and in light work, so I’ve never needed to clip.

This year, I have ambitions of working Moe and Gina throughout the winter in the barn’s indoor arena. They’re turned out during the day and stalled at night; the barn owner is also willing to blanket (within reason- changing blankets three times a day probably won’t fly!).

A few weeks ago I scored a great deal on a pair of Andis clippers through Bit of Britain’s tent sale, and over the weekend I went on a clipping adventure!

I had aspirations of a trace low clip; I knew I didn’t want to remove tons of hair because I didn’t want them blanketed 24/7. The only clipping I’ve ever done was a full body clip on a horse at my previous job, so I made sure to carefully watch all 30 minutes of the Andis DVD (which appears to have been made the year I was born) as well as several YouTube videos.

Moe was covered in filth when I pulled him out of the pasture, so I had to give him a bath.

Mud, hay, who-knows-what all over his belly and shoulders.

He got to stand tied in the sun to dry while I clipped Gina.

Gina napped in the crossties while I clipped…and clipped…and clipped. The woman in the Andis video made it look so easy and quick! Two hours later, I was coated in bay hair and sweat.

“What have you done to me?”

I rinsed Gina off and started on Moe. Poor Moe didn’t get the cleanest or best clip job in the world; he has some patchy spots and jagged edges. But at that point, I was tired and hot and figured that Moe isn’t going out in public (well, except for the hunter pace) any time soon.

Both horses were extremely well behaved. I’ve never clipped Moe in the time I’ve owned him, so I was really impressed that he just took it in stride. Gina continually surprises me with the amount of things she tolerates and/or does well. 
I rode Gina Tuesday evening in the indoor; she cooled out quickly and didn’t get very sweaty, so I’m happy to report that as ugly as they may be, the clip jobs are working!
I’m going to duck out of work early today (it is my birthday, after all) and try to get a jump school in on both horses, so the clips will really be put to the test!

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  1. Happy birthday! Have some great rides! I've never clipped Archie, but this freakish weather we've been having has made me seriously consider a low trace, too.

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