Annual vet visit

The horses saw the vet on Tuesday for their annual exams, and it was a very exciting time.

Gina was scheduled for an ultrasound and Pneumabort vaccine. (She’ll receive her annual vaccinations next month, when she’s about 30 days away from foaling.) She was well-behaved, but her foal was hiding from the vet. We saw a glimpse of a leg slide by, but that was it. Gina’s vet advised everything looked good, and no one is anticipating any problems with either the birth or the foal. I can’t believe we’re only a couple of months away from a baby! I’m excited and very nervous all at the same time.

I spy a pregnant mare belly.

I’d noticed that Gina had a little bit of nasal drainage, so I asked the vet if she’d take a look. The vet suspected a bad tooth, which hadn’t occurred to me. Gina’s appetite has been good, and I hadn’t noticed her tilting her head, dropping food, or exhibiting any other behavior I usually associate with tooth pain. Lo and behold, one of the molars in Gina’s upper right jaw was damaged. The vet took some x-rays to see if the damaged tooth was infected, and if an infection had spread to nearby teeth. The damaged tooth was infected- most of its roots were gone and it needed to be extracted. The x-rays revealed that an adjacent tooth was fractured, but did not appear to be infected.

My vet had hoped that the infected tooth would be loose enough for her to yank out, but it was still pretty firmly in Gina’s mouth. Despite being heavily sedated, Gina wasn’t super jazzed about all the poking and prodding. My vet and I decided to give Gina a course of SMZs to combat the existing infection and try to prevent it from spreading, then plan to remove the bad tooth at the clinic after Gina foals. This way, if Gina won’t tolerate the procedure while standing, the vet will be able to safely lay her down on a table. (That’s kind of a worst-case scenario; the hope is that a heavily sedated Gina in stocks will allow the vet to remove the tooth.)

What is happening with this horse’s forelock?

Moe was up next, and was perfectly well behaved for his vaccinations. However, his left eye has been watery and sensitive for a couple of weeks, so I had the vet take a look. He had a similar problem with his right eye last year, which was treated with the twice-daily application of eye ointment for two weeks. The left eye is now on the ointment regime; Moe isn’t a fan. The vet isn’t sure what’s causing these corneal ulcers; her best guess is Moe’s immune system isn’t dealing with minor irritants like errant bits of hay or dust as well as it used to. The wind has been very strong for the last few weeks (between 15 and 30 miles per hour nearly every day), so it’s certainly possible that stuff is blowing into Moe’s eyes. He’s in a fly mask all the time for the foreseeable future, which he is thankfully very good about keeping on.

Napping ponies.

Candy was a champ for her vaccinations, and had no issues that needed to be addressed. I opted to take advantage of the vet clinic’s microchipping special and had her chipped. I don’t plan on showing her in USEF hunter, jumper, or equitation classes, but I figure that having a microchip won’t hurt. Candy was totally fine for the chip insertion. I think I cringed more at the sight of the enormous-looking needle than Candy did as it was poked into her neck!

Shiny Candy!

Everyone is feeling just fine after their vet visits; I’m glad they are, because I’m pretty sure this bill is going to be at least double what I’d budgeted for, haha!

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6 thoughts on “Annual vet visit”

  1. I need to schedule my visit, but I’ll have 4 teeth floats to do so my wallet is already crying at least Candy managed to make it through without any weirdness!

  2. Bummer about the tooth. Being preggers and having an infected tooth sounds pretty miserable. LOL And this wind is terrible. It can seriously cause bad eye issues.

  3. Poor Gina! Rio has a tooth that I think is going to need to come out too. Hoping to get the vet out next week or the week after to figure that out and finish up vaccines too.
    After Rio’s bout with EPM my vet had me add a Vitamin E supplement to help with immunity. Not sure Moe would need that since he’s out on grass, but might be something to look into. I give him Elevate solution which is stupid expensive (but it’s for Rio!) but there are other more reasonable ones out there too.
    Hope everyone is feeling better asap, and I CANNOT WAIT to see pics of Gina’s baby!

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