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Right before I left for Texas, my good friend Trista texted me to ask if I was planning on competing at a dressage schooling show this weekend. I wasn’t, but when the friend who hauled your horses to and from your wedding asks if she can hitch a ride, you say “Yes!” and send in an entry form.

This horse is clearly ready to dressage.
This horse is clearly ready to dressage.

I signed Gina up for 1-2 and 1-3 because I need to ride 1-3 to qualify for local GMO year end awards and schooling show championships.  I like 1-2 a lot and feel like Gina is good at it. I like that the 15 meter canter circles occur before the canter lengthening, and I feel like leg yields are one of our strong movements. I’m generally feeling pretty good about 1-2.

In my mind, 1-3 is basically like 1-2, only with a shallow loop at the canter. Gina’s been doing pretty well at holding her lead and I figured we might as well get this test out of the way relatively early in the season. If we score terribly, there are a few more schooling shows to try again!

Then I read through 1-3. Like, really read through it. What the hell is this test?! Things I already do not like about it:

  • Stretchy trot super early; maybe Gina will feel like stretching because she worked so hard in 1-2?
  • Coefficients on those damn loops
  • Lots and lots of cantering
  • Awkward flow

There are a couple of things I like about it though, including circles before the canter lengthening and no coefficients on the canter lengthening.

I am not confident that 1-3 will go well. Let’s hope Gina’s normally-fabulous gaits collective and very good halts will drag our score up to something respectable!

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