Birthday giveaway!

My birthday is this week (Thursday, October 30!); I’ve always enjoyed my the occasion! When I was a kid, it was the very best: cake and presents one day, candy and costumes the next! (One memorable year, my mother took me door to door trick-or-treating on my Shetland pony.) 
These days, I celebrate my birthday by inviting all my friends (and their friends!) to my favorite Mexican restaurant downtown. We eat, drink, and generally have a good time. I drink a margarita the size of my head (an annual tradition since my 21st birthday). It’s one of my favorite days of the year!
This year, I thought I’d share my birthday festivities with my internet friends. Since I can’t send you all a delicious margarita or chile verde, I’m doing the next best thing: having a giveaway!
The loot you’ll net is a combination of my favorite things plus some things all horse people need! 
  • Nalgene bottle in your favorite color 
  • A pair of Joules Brillbamboo socks 
  • Horze Bradley halter & lead set
  • Lucky Braids handy salve
  • Uncle Jimmy’s Squeezy Buns
  • Croakies
  • Horze Chione knitted headband (it’s fleece lined!)
  • A package of country ham (optional- if you don’t eat meat or pork, or if you think country ham sounds disgusting, I’ll just keep it. 😉 )
All you have to do to enter is comment on this post and tell me how you like to spend your birthday! And you should probably leave your email address, too; I’ll make an announcement via the blog about a winner, but just in case you miss it, I’ll have a way to contact you. 
The entry deadline is Saturday, November 1, 2014. I’ll choose a winner randomly and announce the winner next Monday (barring any unfortunate margarita incidents). Good luck!

Author: Stephanie

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39 thoughts on “Birthday giveaway!”

  1. Looove Margaritas. I run around so much that I like celebrating my birthday slowly, at home. This year it was a ride in the morning, and sitting on the couch watching RedZone football with Nick all afternoon, plus Grade A prime New York Strips. Mmmm mmmm mmm. I don't like giving my email address out but do promise that I read all your blog updates.

  2. Cake…enough said.

    I have a terrible sweet tooth and a birthday is the perfect day to indulge.

    Happy birthday and thank you for the chance to win!

    1. Thanks, and you're very welcome! I've always felt like I should be the one giving people presents on my birthday; I'm always so happy that people come and celebrate with me!

      I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so what typically happens is Johnny buys a cake, I eat a slice, and he eats the rest. LOL

  3. What a sweet giveaway!

    I like to celebrate my birthday week. But normally that just involves eating all I want and going out that weekend. If I can I spend it in CA with my family. Sounds like you have a fun tradition.

  4. My birthday is the day after yours! =) Happy Birthday Week To Us!! In addition to it being Halloween, it is also my husband's birthday, so we generally have a joint party of some sort – last year we did a Resident Evil movie marathon party!

    1. Happy birthday, you Halloweeners! I think Halloween is probably the best option for birthday/holiday combo- way better than all those poor souls who share their birthday with Christmas.

  5. My bday is October 29, so I also experienced the "halloween effect". I usually book the day off work and have a horsey day. I used up all my vacation time this year so I will just be having a nice dinner with my husband and a dog/horse filled evening at the barn 🙂

  6. What an amazing contest! I'm going to admit to being one of those people who finds birthdays depressing…something about getting old makes me sad when I think too much about it. Tradition in my family is always dinner followed by a cake and everyone signing happy birthday. I usually try not to work on my birthday and spend some extra time at the barn since that's my favorite place to be! I'd say I eat sweets to celebrate, but I do that all the time since chocolate is my weak spot (oops!).

    1. It kind of freaks me out to think about getting old in a "omg what am I doing with my life" kind of way, but I usually try to think about how awesome my life is with its ponies and job and friends and Johnny and how it seems to improve every year!

  7. My brother's birthday is tomorrow! He celebrated as he does every year: by getting a really ugly tattoo. Yay? As for me, we're pretty broke ninety percent of the time, and since my birthday is in June, I'm usually just happy if I have enough money to go to a show. And eat cake. A lot of it.

  8. I don't really celebrate my birthday very much. Usually, I'm at a horse show. I guess getting to take a vacation day to show off my pony is a good celebration? Right?!

  9. happy birthday!!! and awesome giveaway! i like to enjoy my birthday with an amazing dinner and lots of fun pony times – and will be doing so in about two weeks!!!

    1. I've always thought having some sort of national holiday where you probably get the day off would be pretty awesome! Johnny's birthday is the Fourth of July, so he has it off every year. Jealous.

  10. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS. I try to take the day off and do pony things and spend time with all my favorite people. It is a dream of mine to have someone throw me a surprise party one day.

  11. Mmmmm… Margaritas… Up until this last year my birthdays have pretty much been me spent in the hospital or curled up on the couch in a depressive slump which is sad because growing up I'd always throw an "Amazing End and Goodbye to the Summer" Bash. This year I said, "No more crap." And went out with a handful of friends… My memory ends with karaoke but let me tell you, best birthday in YEARS! Plus, I got some ride time in which made it even better. I hope you enjoy your birthday! It'd be awesome to be thrown into the giveaway pile : [email protected]

  12. I always play hookey from work and go to the barn for a bday ride. Then on the Sunday, I go for high tea. It's something I've done since I was a little girl 🙂

  13. Since I have a summer birthday, I usually don't do anything big because people are away. I usually like to go for a nice ride (a couple years ago, I had a gymkhana on my birthday, now that was a blast!), and haunt all the stores where I have loyalty cards that give you things on your birthday

  14. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays 🙂 My birthday is in August, and my husband's is two days before mine. We usually host a pool party for all of our friends the weekend closest to the days. It's great to get everyone together at least once a year since with kids, jobs, and life in general it's hard to do more often than that. Cheers!

  15. I am That Person who doesn't really do birthdays! We might do a nice dinner, or we might not. All the same to me. When I was a kid the rule was we got to pick whatever we wanted for dinner, so I would often pick waffles or tacos or something that we wouldn't normally have for dinner.

  16. I don't have much preference, but last year my best friend surprised me by taking me to a lake and having a picnic and cake and then letting me choose some new art supplies. No horsey involvement in the day, but I would love some sort of fun pony day doing something new and different!

  17. I typically celebrate with my family and husband with dinner somewhere fun like my favorite mexican place or a japanese steakhouse. This is such a clever contest! Happy belated bday 🙂

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