My birthday is this week (Thursday, October 30!); I’ve always enjoyed my the occasion! When I was a kid, it was the very best: cake and presents one day, candy and costumes the next! (One memorable year, my mother took me door to door trick-or-treating on my Shetland pony.) 
These days, I celebrate my birthday by inviting all my friends (and their friends!) to my favorite Mexican restaurant downtown. We eat, drink, and generally have a good time. I drink a margarita the size of my head (an annual tradition since my 21st birthday). It’s one of my favorite days of the year!
This year, I thought I’d share my birthday festivities with my internet friends. Since I can’t send you all a delicious margarita or chile verde, I’m doing the next best thing: having a giveaway!
The loot you’ll net is a combination of my favorite things plus some things all horse people need! 
  • Nalgene bottle in your favorite color 
  • A pair of Joules Brillbamboo socks 
  • Horze Bradley halter & lead set
  • Lucky Braids handy salve
  • Uncle Jimmy’s Squeezy Buns
  • Croakies
  • Horze Chione knitted headband (it’s fleece lined!)
  • A package of country ham (optional- if you don’t eat meat or pork, or if you think country ham sounds disgusting, I’ll just keep it. 😉 )
All you have to do to enter is comment on this post and tell me how you like to spend your birthday! And you should probably leave your email address, too; I’ll make an announcement via the blog about a winner, but just in case you miss it, I’ll have a way to contact you. 
The entry deadline is Saturday, November 1, 2014. I’ll choose a winner randomly and announce the winner next Monday (barring any unfortunate margarita incidents). Good luck!