Black Friday shopping

I almost resisted shopping on Black Friday, though I was sorely tempted by many, many excellent deals.

There was one deal I couldn’t resist, though…


I bought a breeding to the Oldenburg stallion Mannhattan. It was a deal too good to pass up, and I think he’ll be a nice match for Gina.

Mannhattan’s offspring have done well in a variety of disciplines- several are competing at the FEI levels of dressage, some are doing well in the hunter ring, and a handful are eventing. (I even met one foxhunting a few weeks ago!) His offspring are well conformed, athletic, and have pleasant temperaments.

Gina is already entered in the Main Mare Book of ISR/Oldenburg NA, and the foal will be eligible for registration as an Oldenburg. I plan to keep the foal and use it for the same thing I use Moe and Gina for: dressage, eventing, and hunting.

There are several steps between buying a breeding and having a foal on the ground, but I’m very excited that we’re on our way!

I hope Gina has another mini-Gina.
I hope Gina has another mini-Gina.

Author: Stephanie

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34 thoughts on “Black Friday shopping”

  1. At first I thought you’d bought yourself a new horse! Well, actually I guess you kind of did lol. Can’t wait to follow along with the making baby Gina journey!

  2. haha that was not AT ALL what i expected give the post title – omg squeeeeee!!!! wishing you the best of luck and please keep us sooooo posted!!!!

  3. I’m soooo over breeding. I wish you leagues better luck than I had. I’m still squinting at Paige’s hay belly willing it to contain a tiny baby. :/

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