Blog Hop: October 10 questions

I always love these 10-questions blog hops, so thanks to Liz for some fun, fall-themed questions!

1. Most equestrians quote fall as their favorite season to ride. Are you one of those that does? Or maybe not; what is your favorite season to ride, if so?

I’m kind of split on this. I love riding in the fall because it means that foxhunting season is here! The crisp mornings, beautiful colors, and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets make it a lovely time of year to ride. But I also truly love riding in the heat of the summer. It’s such a lazy time of year here- it seems to sprawl on endlessly, and the fall shows seem like a distant dream. I can trail ride along the lakeshore and let my horse swim, and spend afternoons in the air-conditioning or the pool. I like fall and summer equally, but for very different reasons.

A good run on a hunt is always a good time!

2. Do you clip your horse in the fall? Or maybe you wait a little longer?

For the last three years, Gina has been clipped in the fall for hunting season. I usually have to reclip her once more before the end of the season. This year, Gina gets to retain her furry winter coat, as she’s off the hook for hunting. Candy, who will be taking her place in the field, will probably not need to be clipped because she doesn’t grow any sort of winter hair.

Clipped for hunting.

3. Have any costume riding events in October on/near/around Halloween? What will your horse be dressed as? What about yourself? What would you dress as if money/time were absolutely no issue?

I’ve never been a big Halloween person, probably because my birthday is the day before. I haven’t participated in a costume event myself, although I did dress up several horses at the therapeutic riding center where I taught a few years ago. I always thought it’d be fun to get a group together and terrorize children by riding around a neighborhood as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. (I’m pretty sure Moe would be the least intimidating War ever, but he’d be game.)

Giraffe horse!

4. Is your horse afraid of any autumn colors? Or maybe has a certain quirk that only appears in the autumn?

Candy is terrified of blankets, sheets, coolers, etc., so fall and winter are exciting seasons for us.

5. Pumpkin spice. It’s everywhere right now. Find any natural pumpkin [squash] spice-esque recipes for your horse?

Actually, someone in my local dressage GMO has a recipe they use for baking pumpkin treats for their horse! You can find it here.

6. We’re getting to the end of the calendar year, and final few “big-bang” shows to look forward to?

My show season is pretty much done for the year, but foxhunting season is ramping up. Our opening hunt has been pushed back because a new Master is training, so cubbing is on my agenda until December! Well, provided I can get the farrier out to put shoes on Candy.

7. Winter is coming. What are you doing to winterize your trailer/rig/car?

Not much, other than putting de-icer windshield washer fluid in all the vehicles. Winters here are usually mild (aside from the occasional freak ice storm), so there isn’t a lot of special maintenance to be done.

8. Do you have any autumn traditions you/your horse follow?

Hmm, I don’t think so? There are many traditions I follow for hunting, but that’s about it!

9. October in many places marks the beginning of deer hunting season. Does this affect your riding at all? Do you wear blaze orange or modify your schedule to accommodate the season?

Some of the trails I frequent are closed during deer season, and Harvard Fox Hounds doesn’t hunt during rifle season. I usually stick to the arenas during that time!

10. What are you most looking forward to goal-wise as the final months of the calendar year approach? 

I didn’t manage enough scores on Moe or Candy to qualify for year end awards from the dressage club, so those goals are out. I’ve yet to get Candy out hunting, but I am looking forward to that once I get someone to put shoes on her! And, of course, I am looking forward to seeing Gina’s baby at the next vet appointment in December.

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  1. Can I make a formal request to call Gina’s baby Bambina? It’s a baby Gina! And ya know, means child. Anyway.

    Can’t wait to hear about foxhunting on Candy!

  2. Giraffe horse is perfect! And looks way easier than so many “pinterest-like” photos of the same costume.

    And my tardy commenting on this day leads me to – Happy Birthday!

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