Blowout sale on various apparel

Thanks for all your well wishes for Moe! Rest assured, he appreciated them. I’m definitely looking forward to moving both horses this weekend to a barn where I feel confident about their care.

Onto a more fun topic: sales! Well, a sale. My first task at my new job is to update all of the clearance apparel on the tack store’s website. There’s a ton of it, most of it last year’s winter lines from various brands. The price on most of these items is at or just above wholesale cost. The catch? A lot of it is uncommon sizes and extremely limited quantities.

I’m only about halfway through this massive project, but thought I’d give y’all a heads up about some of the sweet deals that are available. (Disclaimer: I don’t get a commission if you buy things online. But maybe I’ll get a raise one day?)

Anky sleeveless top, $10. Super soft and lightweight polyester polo tank. It’s very flattering and stylish- it’s hard to see in the picture, but it’s a wrap-style top. There’s one left, size medium in a cream color. (That’s my coworker Jasmine modeling.)
Gersemi stretch cotton tee, $10. This is an extremely soft and luxurious t-shirt. Gersemi is a Swedish high-fashion equine line that makes all kinds of clothing. There are two of these tees in size small in the amethyst color pictured. 
Truitt Jane Polo, $10. These polos are very, very cute in person. They’re a nice pique fabric with an embroidered zebra on the left breast. I like that they only have two buttons on the placket- I hate polos with tons of buttons. They’re available in lime green, neon orange, mauve, and black. They’re most available in small and extra small, but there are a few mediums there too.
Irideon Chinchillaaah Half Zip Fleece, $29.97. This thing is seriously soft, y’all. It’s so cozy and warm- it’d be perfect for brisk fall days or worn as a layer under a heavier jacket in the winter. There are a few sizes in each color (sugarplum and saddle)- you’ll have to check the website to see if what you want is available.
Irideon tall boot tee, $16.17. I love these long sleeve t-shirts! They have a modest v-neck and are a nice, slightly stretchy cotton. The graphic on the front is a small circular Irideon logo on the left breast and you can see the graphic on the back- a tall boot composed of horse related words like “half chaps” “jump” and “ride”. 
Anyway, over the next week for so, more inventory will pop up on the website as I get through it. There are some heavy insulated winter breeches and more long sleeve shirts on super sale (50% off MSRP). 
If any more crazy cheap stuff comes up, y’all will be the first to know! 

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    1. No kidding! It seems like every that's on clearance is small or extra small! The only thing that would fit me is this hideously tacky Joules polo. Barf.

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