Book review: Hannah Hooton’s “Share and Share Alike”

Buying a share in a racehorse syndicate seems like a good idea to Share and Share Alike‘s Tessa Hawkesbury-Loye, the artistically inclined protagonist at the center of the story. Recently back from Malta, Tessa is looking for a way to integrate herself back into Aspen Valley’s social scene as well as take her mind off the events that drove her home to the UK. Things are going well at first: the horse is winning, Tessa’s making friends, and there’s more than one eligible bachelor among the syndicate’s members. Disaster strikes when the horse is deliberately injured; someone close to the syndicate is responsible, and the culprit must be found before blame is placed on the innocent. 

Share and Share Alike is author Hannah Hooton’s third entry in the Aspen Valley series. Reading the other novels isn’t necessary to understand or enjoy this book. While classified as a romance novel, there’s very little bodice-ripping; instead, the book focuses on the ups and downs of racehorse ownership and the mystery of the horse’s purposeful injury. Romantic encounters and relationships are written to accompany the story- not to overwhelm it. Readers looking for steamy bedroom scenes and silly euphemisms will be better served by another tome. 
Share and Share Alike is a wonderfully enjoyable book. Hooton’s writing style is fast-paced but easy to read. Her descriptions of races are excellent- they’re full of the thrill and tension any race-goer experiences while rooting for their favorite horse to win. Descriptions of horses, their care, and their training are accurate. The mystery elements of the story were also well done. Hooton keeps readers guessing throughout the book, and when the criminal is finally revealed, it’s a surprise. Relationships between characters are believable and develop naturally; nothing seems forced or awkward. 
While some may be disappointed that Share and Share Alike isn’t a book about racing itself but the relationships that form between people involved with it, most readers will enjoy the engaging story and the outstanding writing.
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