Living in the wild west has given me an appreciation for different types of riding and different approaches to horsemanship. Most of it isn’t very different from the way things were in Tennessee, but one thing I’ve noticed in Oklahoma is branding.

Wolfman, a therapy horse, bears the Rafter G brand.

It seems like nigh on every horse is branded out here! Regardless of breed or breed or discipline, horses are branded on the rump with a ranch brand- sometimes, they’re even branded with more than one!

Sleepy, my friend Chris’s horse, has both the Circle H and 4D Ranch brands.

Almost everyone with at least 20 acres and a few horses or cattle has their animals branded.

My friend Lee Ann’s horse, Lena, with a brand that’s essentially Lee Ann’s initials on her rump.

Sometimes, the brand is breed related, like Colter’s Oldenburg brand.

The Oldenburg North America brand.
Sometimes, it’s work related, like the brand on Roscoe, my friend Holly’s ex-police horse. 
Definitely a ‘bad cop’.

Even my friend Trista has a brand- she and her husband run the M44 Ranch. (Though they don’t brand their horses.)

Last year’s M44 pumpkin for Halloween!
What do you see in your part of the country? Lots of brands? No brands? I sometimes think Oklahoma has a disproportionate amount! (I mean, Chris of 4D Ranch has his dog branded for crying out loud!) 
If you’re curious about how to read brands, this website has a pretty thorough guide!

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