Breeding update

Before I left for Santa Fe last week, I took Gina to the vet for her 30 day pregnancy check. As usual, Gina was perfectly good for her ultrasound and was deemed still pregnant!

Baby horse!
Baby horse!

Gina won’t go back for another ultrasound until the three month mark, which is in September. In the meantime, my vet has assured me that Gina is totally fine to continue her normal routine. I specifically asked about taking Gina foxhunting early in the season; she’s such a good mount that I’d love to take her if I can. My vet told me I could certainly take her hunting through the end of the year. I’m so excited!

I’ll keep a careful eye on her as the end of the year approaches. While the local hunt doesn’t move at a terrifically fast pace, the usual fixture has hilly terrain and ditches and water crossings- if Gina seems like she’s struggling with it, I’ll stop hunting her rather than risk her health or happiness.

There are a couple more dressage schooling shows this year that I may attend. I have all the scores I need to qualify for year end awards, but they aren’t great scores. I don’t know if I can manage something better, though Gina has been much more pleasant to ride since she was bred.


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25 thoughts on “Breeding update”

    1. It’s looked totally messed up in EVERY ultrasound! The vet says that’s just because Gina pushes on the vet’s hand/ultrasound wand, but I’m not convinced she’s not growing an alien in there.

  1. I think I’ve heard that before; that bred mares can be better behaved. Kinda makes sense. I’m glad you’ll be able to keep hunting her.

  2. I wonder if maybe her hormones are sometimes out of whack, and that’s part of her occasional cantankerousness? I’ve definitely known mares whose hormones sorted themselves out a bit during pregnancy and made them nicer and more cooperative. Glad she’s handling pregnancy well so far!

  3. I worked through both my pregnancies and supposedly it really hopes to stay active! I bet it’ll be good for her, and you’ll know if she runs out of steam or doesn’t feel great. I wonder if pregnant mares get extra moody like I did?!

    1. My vet is pregnant and said her doctor advised her to stay active, too! I mean, it never hurts anyone to be active, I guess! 😛

      I will be curious to see if Gina’s attitude changes throughout her pregnancy. I’m enjoy “nice Gina” very much right now LOL

  4. What hunt to you hunt with?! I’m a whip with Brazos Valley Hounds! In my experience mares are WAY nicer when they are prego. I attribute it to 1. the hormones 2. they are growing something that will eventually weigh a hundred or so pounds when it is born, so they have bigger things to worry about and 3. carrying around a couple extra hundred pounds would make anyone tired enough to not give hoot!
    I hope everything goes well for Gina!

    1. I hunt with Harvard Fox Hounds here in the Tulsa area! I hear Brazos Valley is a great hunt.

      Thanks for the good wishes for Gina; I hope her baby will be as good of a hunter as she is!

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