Breeding update

"Ugh not this place again."
“Ugh not this place again.”

Last week, I took Gina back to the vet for a re-culture; it’d been about a week since the uterine treatments were administered, and my vet wanted to make sure Gina was clean.  It turned out to be an interesting and informative visit! Before the swab was taken, my vet performed an ultrasound so we’d have a better idea of where Gina was in her reproductive cycle. My vet showed me the cysts they’d previously detected, identified the a couple of follicles and measured them, and pointed out the uterine edema and explained how it can indicate estrus. I have zero experience with horse breeding, so I was totally interested in seeing all of this.

Gina was well behaved through both the ultrasound and the swab, enduring both with only a few baleful glares.

My vet called on Monday with the results of the culture- positive. Unfortunately, this means another round of uterine treatments, so we’re headed down to the vet today to start them. If I understand my vet correctly, we will AI immediately following the treatments if Gina is at an appropriate point in her cycle, then stitch her up via a Caslick procedure. (That link has some graphic photos, but is a great read if you’re unfamiliar with the procedure.)

What an adventure breeding is already!

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      1. I’m optimistic. The vet I’m using has a good reputation for reproductive services, so I’m confident they’ll get this wretched dirty creature in foal.

    1. Since the offspring won’t be doing any sort of racing or futurity events, it’s not a huge deal for me if it’s born in May/June. I feel like a total idiot every time I’m at the vet, but I figure if I’m asking questions, at least I’m learning!

  1. Fingers crossed. I had to do the same thing with Honey 4 times, but without the breeding part. Shop is CLOSED!

    Hope it goes well. She was mare glare-ing hard core this morning if that is any indication…. lol

  2. So obviously you should do what your vet says, but we did the stitching procedure for our mare the first time we bred her, and she still ended up needing SMZ for a lot of the pregnancy, so we just skipped it the second time around and put her on SMZ right after she took. Just thought I’d share so you’ve got lots of info to work with! Breeding is such a huge process, and there’s so much to learn. I totally understand being super interested during all of the vet visits. I usually am too.

    1. I appreciate the advice! I’ll put it on my list of things to ask the vet about; I’m sure she’s getting tired of my questions, but I want to learn! 😀

  3. This is really interesting to follow along with. I don’t really know anything about breeding. I hope you can get the “dirtiness” cleared up.

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