Moe and Johnny are officially Best Friends Forever. How do I know? On our way to the barn Sunday, Johnny and I stopped to get some donuts for breakfast (because we are obviously very healthy people, duh). Johnny bought a dozen: half plain glazed, half chocolate glazed. I can’t eat more than two donuts without feeling ill, but Johnny can somehow knock down a dozen on his own without batting an eye. However, on Sunday, Johnny saved most of the donuts for Moe.

Moe loves donuts. To be fair, he’s kind of like a equine garbage disposal; things he’s eaten include bananas, all manner of horse treats, blue raspberry Gatorade, granola bars, white bread, beer, Cheez-Its, apples, carrots, peppermints, and lemons. But his very favorite treat in the whole wide world is donuts. (He doesn’t seem to have a preference on yeast vs cake donuts, nor on flavor.) Johnny remembered me telling him this, and wanted to bring Moe something special.

Johnny fed Moe half a dozen donuts, all while giggling wildly as Moe smacked his lips and nudged him for more.


The two of them are completely ridiculous. Johnny lets Moe get away with all manner of rude habits, like forcefully rubbing his head on Johnny to walking off at the mounting block. When Moe gets hyped up in the field and wants to bolt off, Johnny laughs while Moe jigs. Johnny apologizes to Moe for bouncing so much at the trot and lets him break from trot to walk constantly. Moe makes sad eyes at Johnny in an effort to get even more treats while he’s brushed down. (I’ve purchased 15 pounds of treats since June!)

Johnny recently told me that Moe is his favorite out of all of our animals, because he’s always pleasant, never acts mean, and does funny stuff. I’m starting to think that Johnny is Moe’s favorite human- after all, he always has treats, doesn’t ask for much, and lets Moe do what he wants!


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  1. When I worked at the track, we had a stakes horse that LOVED donuts. The trainer used to tell us to stop feeding him ‘that crap’ before he tested positive for something. I could never figure out what? Sugar???

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