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I know I fell off the wagon there on the 30 day blog challenge- apologies to all 16 of my loyal readers.

I seriously got hung up on the “create an equitation pattern” post; instead of skipping it, I’ve decided I’m going to read more about what equitation patterns entail and what they’re designed to showcase. (Good equitation, I imagine. But how one accomplishes that, I’m not entirely sure.) I firmly believe in learning all I can about horses and riding, so I’m standing by that.

My workplace also had a huge fundraiser last Friday, which took a lot of my time. It was unfortunately cut short by more storms and tornadoes. These were much, much closer to my house, my friends, and my horses, but we were thankfully spared (again).

So I’ll be back- I’m planning to write some posts this weekend. Thanks for hanging in there!

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