Cascade Carson

For a few months, I’ve been accompanying my friend Holly to her riding lessons; she rides at the barn of local dressage queen and mutual friend Richal. I’m always happy to go, because Richal seems to have an endless variety of horses who need to be ridden and a slew of barn rat children to fetch horses, muck stalls, and even untack horses. It’s like paradise sometimes.

As much as I enjoy hanging out with my horses, I really love the social element of riding. Horse people understand horse jokes, encourage you to lay on the Theraplate because it’ll totally loosen up your back, and don’t judge your disgusting fingernails. It’s something I’ve missed at the barn where Moe and Gina currently live; I rarely see other people out there. I’ve only ever seen two other people ride.

Derp derp horse

For the last month or so, Richal’s right-hand (wo)man, Audrey, has let me pack around on one of her Thoroughbred geldings, a gigantic bay horse named Cascade Carson. Carson is 7, has been off the track for 3 years, and is very lovable and pleasant. If I could afford to board another horse, I’d buy him, as Audrey doesn’t ride him often and prefers her other mount Mojo.

As it is, Carson and I have been having a blast for the last few weeks. I hauled my jumps out to Richal’s place last week (as I plan on moving my horses there by the end of August) and Carson happily zoomed around a 2′ course with zero problems, even hopping over some crazy colored barrels. Today, we worked on dressage in the indoor arena; he tries very hard and I have the feeling he could turn into a very fancy horse.

I’m hoping to take Carson to an event derby in early September- provided, of course, I can find a trailer. (Which I don’t think will be a huge problem this time.) I think he’d make a good eventer, and I always enjoy getting horses new to the sport around courses.

I haven’t forgotten Moe and Gina; Moe is being ridden a few times a week by my student. I’ve been hopping on Gina about three times a week. I’m looking forward to moving both of them to Richal’s at the end of the August (the barn’s policy is for boarders to give a 30 day notice before leaving), where I know they’ll get good care and I’ll have some friends to ride with!

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  1. New barn sounds awesome & Carson is a cutie-patotie.
    Hope the move goes well and that you have blast at the new barn playing and training another ottb to great achievements

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