Friday Five

Work is gearing up for the holidays pretty aggressively: not only do we have Black Friday and Small Business Saturday specials going, we’ve also planned a Cyber Monday sale, a 12 Days of Christmas campaign, and special in-store holiday shopping events. Guess who gets to make all the graphics and send all the emails and set up all the online sales? (Hint: it’s me.) It’s a little stressful, but I love being busy!

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week.
I know many of y’all are fans of One Horse Threads- I am, too! I have several of their shirts and wear them to work, the barn, and out in public all the time. These would make super gifts for all sorts of people- horsey and those who just enjoy horse-centric looks. You can save 30% and get free shipping with code HOLIDAY30 through Sunday! 
It’s no secret I love cooking; I love Williams-Sonoma for their high-quality kitchen supplies and regularly wander through their Tulsa store. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with their online recipes. I made a beef stew last week that was out of this world. The green bean casserole recipe from yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast was also from their site- it was a hit with everyone. Plus, the photography is stunning
Tracy of Fly On Over highlighted this group in her recent Favorite Equestrian Facebook Pages post. I joined it, and am now totally obsessed. Everyone is pleasant, there are so many new blogs to read, I can creep on some of y’all. 
This jacket…Ever since we got this in the store, I’ve had my eye on it. It’s less shiny in person and more of a soft brown-grey. And y’all…it is soft. Like, soft and squishy and perfect. We’ve sold all the jackets we received except for the extra-small, which is somewhere in the Fat Guy in a Little Coat range for me. I’m seriously considering ordering one for myself, even though I need another jacket like I need a hole in my head.
As the owner of two almost-elderly Thoroughbred (ages 19 and 17), I always kind of have my eye on younger prospects. Even though Moe and Gina are sound and reliable, I question how much I really want to push them as they age. I also enjoy the process of bringing greenies along. (In case you’re wondering, Freddie is still around and still getting time off.) Thoroughbred Athletes is my favorite OTTB non-profit in Oklahoma. It’s a huge mistake to follow them on Facebook, because they’re always posting pictures of cute TBs who are looking for homes. Can I sneak another horse to the barn without Johnny noticing? Thoroughbred Athletes makes me want to find out.
What are y’all into this week?

Friday Five

I feel like it’s been the coldest week ever, y’all. It sounds like everyone is freezing, no matter where you live! Between worrying if my partially clipped ponies are staying snuggly warm and trying to motivate myself to get out of bed and pull on my long underwear under my breeches, the week has flown by.

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE Horse Blanketing Flowchart

It’s so easy to project your feelings about the weather onto your horse! I’ve always been a blanketing minimalist, because my horses have been furry and fat. This year, both horses are partially clipped and are still trying to gain weight. This flowchart is a good reminder that sometimes, your horse doesn’t need a blanket, even if precious baby looks cold. 
I think we can all agree that quarter sheets look pretty- but do I really need one? This article outlines different types of sheets, why you’d use one, and what the differences between different types of fabrics are. Gina tends to warm up slowly in the winter (she is 17, after all), so I’ve been curious about if a quarter sheet would help. Have any of y’all used one? 
A couple of years ago, I received a pair of Patagonia Capilene bottoms as a gift; they’re so comfortable and are thin enough to fit under my breeches without adding a lot of bulk. They’re great for reducing that feeling of wind shearing through your clothes! I’m currently eyeing this pair of Merino midweight bottoms- they’re heavier than the Capilene, but I’m willing to trade a little bulk for warmth!
My favorite pastime lately is dreaming about producing a lovely sporthorse foal out of Gina. She’s a fancy-moving, well put together mare with good legs, good gaits, and a nice jump. The CotH Forums are a vertiable fount of information: stallions, bloodlines, how-tos, etc. Will I ever breed Gina? Probably not, but it’s fun to think about.
FIVE Open2Study
This has nothing to do with horses, but surely everyone can find something here they’re interested in! Thanks to the power of technology, massive open online courses are available for anyone to learn about nearly anything. I particularly like Open2Study’s easy-to-use interface. I’ve completed a couple of courses there, and am currently enrolled in a couple more. Learning is fun!
What have y’all been checking out this week?