Wedding Wednesday

I thought it’d be fun to keep y’all updated on my Derby-themed wedding plans, and invite everyone to add their thoughts and suggestions in the comments section! Now, since no one wants to read about weddings and wedding planning all day, every day, I’ll be limiting these posts to once a week, maximum
Today’s topic is a big one: venue. Venue cost is a huge part of the budget and an important part of the party. We’re inviting 134 people; most of them will be traveling to Tulsa from other states. We need a venue that is:
  • Relatively close to Tulsa, so friends and family from out of town can get to and from easily.
  • Large enough to accommodate our guests.
  • Horse-friendly, as Moe and Gina will be attending (and will be a big part of pictures).

Of course, our first thought was to have the event at the horse’s soon-to-be new home, Osage Hills Equestrian Center. There are some pros to this place: no cost to rent it, no real restrictions on setting things up, horses are definitely welcome. There are some concerns, though: the easiest place to set up large tents would be the hay meadow, which may not be cut in early May; renting tents is expensive; coordinating rentals between companies is often a nightmare; we would be responsible for set up and take-down.

Another venue we’ve considered is the White House Mansion in Tulsa. It’s easily accessible from major highways in Tulsa, is horse-friendly, and the cost of the rental includes tables and chairs, as well as access to the indoor facilities in case of inclement weather. However, the rental cost is substantial (for us), and the logistics of getting the horses down there on Derby day might be difficult.
The final place we spoke with at the wedding show was The Silo Event Center in Tulsa. Another easily accessible and horse-friendly place, the Silo has indoor and outdoor options, which is good for Oklahoma’s variable spring weather. There’s also lodging on-site for out of town guests. However, the cost is relatively high, and there’s not a lot of room for trailer parking.
Johnny and I are making a trip out to Osage Hills this weekend (he’s never been), and we’re planning to make a lot of notes on setup, logistics, and overall feasibility. If that venue won’t work, it’ll be off to the others to see what will suit our needs best!

Exciting news

Safety first, when it comes to fiberglass shower demolition.

Johnny and I have decided that after many years of dating and living together, we are going to get married. While I’m excited about the impending legal benefits and health insurance coverage, I am probably most excited about the actual wedding festivities. Why? We’re having a Kentucky Derby party/wedding!

Lest you think I am forcing my poor, un-horsey significant other into a frenzied, horse-themed affair, it was totally his idea.
As all of our real life friends can attest, we aren’t particularly romantic people. We love each other, sure, but you’re not likely to hear of grand romantic gestures or even see us holding hands. We are relatively level-headed, pragmatic people; the thought of an elaborate wedding is terrifying anathema to us. However, we wanted as many of our friends and family as possible to come celebrate with us. Johnny said, “Why don’t we just have a Derby party wedding?”
And so a Derby party wedding it is. We’ve tentatively planned on having a short, secular ceremony at a friend’s barn, followed by a reception filled with mint juleps, Southern food, and of course, a broadcast of the race. Moe and Gina will be there, of course, decked out in roses and their best leather halters. (Because what’s the Derby if there aren’t some Thoroughbreds?)
Best part: instead of an engagement ring, I get to pick out a dressage saddle. Perfect.