Celtic Cross combined test recap

Show season kicked off for Moe and me on Sunday with a trip to Celtic Cross Equestrian Center in Norman, OK for a combined test. I convinced my neighbor to take her adorable 13.3 hand Welsh pony Super Duper Mini Cooper and enter him in the Introductory level test. My neighbor is a certifiable dressage queen, but she’s always game for trying new things and believed me when I told her she’d be just fine. Half the competition is¬†dressage and any nag can trot around a course of 18″ crossrails! (Except Gina.)

The only time Moe looks big is when he’s standing next to a pony.

We got there around 8:30 AM, and I hiked up to the show office to check us in while she tacked up Cooper for their dressage test at 9:30 AM. Moe spent the morning following the pony from the warmup to the dressage ring before getting attacked with grooming tools to remove the incredible amount of mud and manure he’d accumulated on his body sometime Saturday night. ¬†After cleaning up Moe, my neighbor and I walked the stadium course. It was set up in a small field; it’s my understanding the facility received a lot of rain Friday night and was unable to use their outdoor arena for the course. It was very tight, with a total of ten jumps and lots of bending lines.

MS Paint course, everyone’s favorite.

We rode our dressage test (Novice B) at 11:30 AM. Moe was hot to trot in the warmup, but he worked fairly well and was round as a ball through much of his trot and canter work. Unfortunately, once he got into the indoor arena for the dressage test he was quite tense and very intent on staring out the open doors on the ends of the arena. He had a few nice moments of trot work, a very decent right lead canter circle, and a lovely free walk. It must have looked slightly better than it felt, because we scored a 39. On Moe, anything under 40 is a success in my book.

Feast your eyes on a blurry screenshot of a very cute pony.
PONY POWER! So jealous I am not a pony sized person.

My neighbor had Cooper had a very nice show jumping around. Cooper’s never seen any sort of fill under a jump before, so he had refusal on the first jump. He jumped it without a problem on the second try and proceeded to jump his cute pony heart out over the rest of the course. That refusal dropped them down to fourth place out of a competitive field of eight, which I’d say is pretty excellent for pony and rider’s first eventing outing!

After Cooper’s jumping round, we headed back to the trailer to relax before Moe and I jumped. I watched a little bit of the Starter and Beginner Novice rounds and started to get a little worried about how the footing would hold up. Horses who were doing a lot of trotting through the course seemed to be fine, but those who cantered slipped in a little in the corners. I got really concerned when I saw a big horse horse slip and fall midway through his round. (He and his rider walked away from the fall.)

By time I went to the warmup, another Novice rider had lobbied show management to remove a couple of the jumps from the course for the Novice and Training divisions. They removed jumps 9 and 3 and moved jumps 2 and 8 to increase the amount of space these divisions had for their turns.

Moe was a nut in warmup; I took him over two jumps and then let him walk around while the first rider in my division jumped. I went next, and Moe put in a performance worthy of the jumper ring. We had one very bad jump at fence 5, where we got kind of a strange distance and I like…laid on Moe’s neck and hoped for the best, but otherwise our distances were good, I remembered the course, and we didn’t fall down. We jumped clean within the time, which was good enough for third place.

Moe says “WHEE JUMPS!”
Novice jumps are a piece of cake on Moe.

I’m happy with this outing- I had a lot of fun going to a show with my neighbor! It’s way more fun to show with a good friend than it is to show alone or with a horde of lesson kids. Moe felt great over the jumps, and I’m excited for our next event!

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14 thoughts on “Celtic Cross combined test recap”

  1. weeeeee way to go Moe and Stephanie!! sounds like a blast and i’m super impressed by your friend agreeing to go along with the pony for shits and giggles lol. also. i fully expect to start charlie out at 18″ and really truly hope that your belief that “any nag can trot around” crossrails holds true for him too lol bc sometimes we struggle!

    1. She’s a good sport! I’ve also been nagging her to come with me to a jumping show for the last two years, so I guess I finally wore her down, haha!

      I firmly believe that with proper training, any horse can get around at least a 3′ course (barring any physical issues, or if that horse is Gina) and through a First Level dressage test. Charlie can totally get through some 18″ jumps! (Perhaps literally through…:P)

  2. Please tell me that pony’s name is actually Super Duper Mini Cooper?! Cutest ever. Think she’d trade him for a mostly unbroke ex race horse?
    Sounds like a great day for you and Moe! I’m glad they tried to make things safer for you guys in the questionable footing.

  3. SUPER DUPER MINI COOPER!!! eeee!! That’s my kinda pony! Adorable pony aside, you and Moe look FABULOUS! I just love that you can get out there and have fun with your old man. The best!

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